Cops Bust Tennessee Chop Shop

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Tennessee authorities recently blew up the chop shop, which included classic muscle cars, a tow truck and an excavator that were reportedly stolen. The Shelby County sheriff's office said detectives issued search warrants at two facilities on N. Highland Street and discovered some stolen vehicles in the process. This is one thing that we see quite a lot these days as car theft has increased dramatically.
Watch Atlanta cops blow up a chop shop here.
According to a local report, one of these facilities was a warehouse. Photos provided by the sheriff's office make it clear that this was a fairly well organized operation with a few cars in various states of dismantling.
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After detectives drove on a dozen vehicles that detectives believe were stolen, most were found to be in the Memphis area, but one was stolen in Mississippi and another was missing in Collierville, Tennessee.
In those dozen cars, the excavator, three trailers, a forklift, a four-wheeler, and a U-haul truck were not counted, all of which were also stolen. A total of 22 cars were found at the site, but it wasn't clear if the other 10 weren't classified as stolen when the sheriff's office released information about the bust.
These days, you can't be too careful about securing your car, especially when it is particularly desirable. This applies to both classics like what you see in this chop shop and modern vehicles. Thieves seem particularly motivated right now, and have been for over a year, leading to an increase in car thefts.
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Locking your car, leaving no valuables around, and putting it in a garage at night can help reduce the risk of theft. But there is more you can do. Installing a tracking device in your vehicle makes just as much sense as advanced security measures such as a kill switch. Even so, we all have to wave our heads as thieves get creative and even use wildlife cameras to find your weak spots.
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