Coronavirus lockdown has spawned a boom in 'turbo relationships'

The corona virus pandemic has triggered a boom in turbo relationships. (Getty Images)
Forget about taking it slow, many couples have noticed that their young relationships were fast-forwarded during the coronavirus pandemic, leading to what are known as “turbo relationships”.
Lockdown seems to have accelerated the British love life, and many have switched from first date to eternity within a few months, according to a new report by Relate and Eharmony.
Some people switched from a bottle of wine to an actual house within weeks of the meeting.
In normal life, this may have caused many "too early" alarm bells, but new research shows that many of those thrive in a turbo relationship for the most part.
Nearly two-thirds (63%) say their relationship feels stronger, and over half (58%) now know they want to be with their partner forever.
Moving faster means that more than a third of those new to living with a partner feel that the past two months have felt “more like two years of commitment”.
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Couples have noticed that their relationships have accelerated. (Getty Images)
And more than a third of those surveyed said that they reached shared milestones for relationships much faster - which leads to more sex, better communication and the opportunity to discover new, shared passions.
"Make no mistake, we live in historical times, with a pandemic and the resulting lockdown that has a profound impact on the way we live and love," said Rachael Lloyd, an expert in marriage relations.
"What's really interesting is creating so-called turbo relationships, where couples who normally never move as quickly may live together - and mostly thrive - within weeks of the meeting."
So what leads to the formation of so many turbo pairs?
According to Relate's adviser, Peter Saddington, couples often contract in larger periods of social unrest.
"The combination of more time together, increased anxiety, and eliminating common routines - like seeing friends - is an intense mix," he says.
But being part of a turbo couple isn't always a cuddle on the sofa and a sip in the garden.
"In our now virtual counseling sessions, we hear how the increasing pressure on finances and the stress of juggling work and home tuition are stressing some relationships," continues Saddington.
"Disagreements about blackout rules are common across the board, no matter how long a couple has been together," he adds.
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Many couples moved in faster than usual. (Getty Images)
Of course, there is always a risk that the relationship bubble that many have enjoyed will be broken when Britain is released from the block.
“While many of the consequences of these turbo relationships are encouraging, people need to remember that we live in unique circumstances,” explains Saddington.
"If your relationship doesn't go on at the same pace, or if feelings go away after the lockout, it doesn't mean disaster."
However, if you're struggling with the relationship changes that could lead to a more normal lifestyle, it's important to talk about it.
“Communication is important so that couples can navigate what feels right when normal life is resumed,” advises Saddington.
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And of course, some of those who first jumped into a lockdown relationship may now find that this is not all they hoped for.
This may mean that you are arguing about something that has never appeared, finding out that you have other goals in life than you are, or discovering a large gap in your mutual interests.
Again, this doesn't have to be the end of it, but trying to slow things down a bit might be an idea.
Entering into a turbo relationship may have resulted in you missing out on the typical exciting aspects of a new partner. So it's worth going back to the dating phase and experiencing it again, a bit slower this time.

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