Coronavirus: Top tips to save when shopping online in a lockdown

By buying used goods from Amazon, eBay or Gumtree you can save money when blocking. (Christian Wiediger / Unsplash)
With a few insider hacks you can save up to 300 euros a year when shopping online, from leaving your shopping basket to the right time.
We all love doing good business, especially when cash flow is uncertain.
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With that in mind, the personal finance expert Ocean Finance has put together 23 insider tips that can save you up to £ 300 each year.
Top 10 tips for saving money
1. Save your purchases for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Retailers typically offer discounts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So if you wait until the middle of the week, you may be able to save a lot of money on the items you're looking for.
2. Check the store tags to see what's on sale
If you want to check in-store before buying online, you can gain trade secrets by checking the labels of products - especially clothing.
In preparation for the sale, letters and numbers are often scribbled on tags. If you see these doodles, you should hold back before buying and check again in about a week if this item has found its way to sale.
Of course, this is only possible if the block is more relaxed and all shops are allowed to open.
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3. Buy Christmas gifts in July
Plan your shopping with the seasons to get the best deals. For example, consider buying coats for the upcoming winter in March.
If you think about summer, buy your outfits in early winter and take advantage of the clearance offers.
4. Leave your online shopping cart and keep an eye on it
If you add something to your cart, start the purchase process, and then cancel it before payment is complete, there is a chance that brands will try to lure you back with discount codes. In general, the higher the value of the item, the bigger the discount. While this is not guaranteed, it is definitely worth trying.
5. Use a cashback site to save up to £ 300 a year
Although you probably won't get the money back right away, you can get money back for what you buy through cashback websites - usually a percentage of the purchase.
If you use them consistently, the pounds can add up soon. Top Cashback suggests that you can save up to £ 300 a year.
6. Make sure shipping costs are reimbursed if you return an item within 14 days
Retailers pay £ 4.6bn in non-returned delivery fees as customers don't realize they are eligible for this money back.
If you return an item within 14 days, you should receive a refund for the price of the goods and standard postage paid for home delivery. If the initial shipping cost does not apply to the refund, be sure to ask for it.
7. Say it's your birthday
Many stores offer giveaways, vouchers or discounts for your birthday. To be eligible, most retailers need to sign up for their loyalty program and / or newsletter. So sign up for many additional birthday presents.
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8. Haggle for discount codes with live chats
The next time a small online chat pop-up appears on your screen instead of shutting it down, ask the agent if he has promo codes that he would like to share with you. It may not always work, but it is worth it even if it works a few times.
The same applies if you have a discount code that no longer works. You can simply send the new ones via chat.
9. Use tools to get a free delivery from Amazon
Did you know there is a tool you can use to search Amazon for free delivery? If you have to exceed the € 20 threshold for free delivery, the Super Saver Delivery Tool will find the cheapest item that you can add to your cart to get there.
Some items that top up your shopping cart include bell pepper spice mixes for £ 0.50 and Dove Beauty Cream for £ 1.
10. Buy used
Currently more people want to sell than ever before. In April 2020, Google searches related to selling on Amazon, which sells a wide range of used items for the more savvy buyer, more than doubled year on year.
If you are looking for second-hand goods on the Amazon, eBay, Gumtree and Facebook marketplaces, you may be lucky and can get a bargain.
More tips for saving money
Avoid branded items to save a third of your weekly grocery store
Use your vouchers in the correct order
Set up Google Alerts to track when prices fall
Sign up for newsletters
Use Groupon for up to 70% savings
Use Google Shopping
Hunt for deals
Free pick up in the store
Fill up during sales
Take part in loyalty programs
Delete your cookies and go incognito to your browser
Follow your favorite brands on social media
Visit the online outlet stores

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