Coronavirus: Trump says some Americans wearing masks just to show they dislike him

Man wearing mask with U.S. President Donald Trump Design: EPA
Donald Trump has claimed that some Americans wear masks in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic to show their disapproval and not slow down the spread of the virus.
The president, who seemed to contradict the recommendations of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with his comments, added that his problem with grades is that people touch them.
"You put your finger on the mask and take it off. Then you touch your eyes and nose and mouth," Trump told the Wall Street Journal. "And then you don't know how you caught it?"
These comments come in spite of the CDC's recommendation "in public environments where other social detachment measures (e.g. grocery stores and pharmacies) are difficult to maintain, particularly in areas with significant community-level transmission, wearing fabric face covers".
Mr. Trump, who has been seen without a mask in almost all public appearances since March, was convicted last month for his decision not to wear any when visiting the Ford plant in Michigan.
"I was wearing one in the back, but I didn't want the press to have the pleasure of seeing it," Trump said at the time.
Two weeks before this visit, Mr. Trump was also unmasked while visiting the Honeywell, Arizona, facility that manufactured ventilators for the treatment of Covid 19 patients.
According to reports, he does not want to send a “false message” to his base, which has been shown to be more skeptical of the Covid-19 threat.
Nevertheless, the CDC states that masks can prevent people with Covid-19 and people with the virus who are not aware of it from spreading it to others.
The president said on Wednesday that the US was in "great shape" with more and more new coronavirus cases occurring in more than 20 countries.
He added that his government, which has so far monitored more than 120,000 deaths from Covid-19, has "taken the right steps" since the virus reached the United States.
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