Corvette Z06 Driver Crashes Trying To Impress Mustang

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That didn't "go" so well ...
The jokes that have been told ad nauseam by certain other automotive locations (you probably already know who we're talking about) are that Ford Mustangs crash all the time. These phenomena have been debated a lot, with some blaming the solid rear axle that was used prior to the S550 Mustang. Perhaps that was the reason for some of the accidents, but there are plenty of idiots who get out of hand in powerful rear-wheel drive, independent rear-suspension cars. Case in point: this C7 Corvette Z06 that thought it was showing a Mustang that is boss on a public street.
In the video attached to this post, one guy unfortunately decides to film in portrait instead of landscape. Actually we're not kidding because everyone knows this is the most annoying way to record a video. Anyway, he's behind a red C7 Z06 that drives alongside an S550 Mustang on a four-lane road in Grafton, Illinois. Suddenly things go from bad to worse, pun fully intended.
Photo credit: YouTube
You can hear the charged 6.2-liter V8 of the Z06's LT4. Then the tire smoke rises as the American sports car lays rubber and rockets in front of the Mustang, which doesn't turn its engine at all. These are always the best races when the guy you supposedly smoke doesn't know there's a race and isn't pushing his car at all.
For reasons we can only speculate about, the C7 Z06 suddenly turns in front of the Mustang, spins out of control, and drives on the road across the island. Not that it's the main problem, but we're 99 percent sure that the alignment and possibly some new suspension parts will be required after that. Luckily the idiot wasn't hit by oncoming traffic, but it looked pretty close when the first car passed him.
We love high-performance cars, but some people just aren't made for them. For some, sticking to something like a Toyota Corolla might not be a bad thing.
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