Costco Is Selling A Giant Caramel Tres Leches Bar That Weighs Almost Three Pounds

Photo credit: @CostcoBuys - Instagram
By Delish
When it comes to desserts, the bigger they are, the better. And the Coscto bakery always delivers an endless selection of absolutely massive sweets like two pounds of red velvet cake and three pounds of cookies. If you prefer your desserts to be pre-portioned like me (because I don't have self-control), you can also get a pack of 4 chocolate lava cakes that come in their own reusable ceramic pots.
The wholesaler has just added a huge Caramel Tres Leches bar to the menu. The name means "three milk" and it is a sponge cake made from three different types of milk. The Costco version weighs about 44 ounces, or 2.75 pounds. The whole cake also costs less than $ 15.
Instagrammer @CostcoBuys made the discovery and wrote, "If you are a caramel fan, I definitely recommend it." If the comments on her post are indicative of this, this cake is really as good as it looks. "This cake is the best in the world," said one user. "I have to refrain from eating the whole thing myself," added another.
If lava cake isn't your thing, Costco has you covered. Is it only five seconds since the retailer launched a new dessert? You can also try the giant tubs of brownie and biscuit dough, which can be eaten raw or baked to delicious sweets. If you're looking for an adult treat, Costco also sells pre-made Jell-O shots that come in 24-cup party packs. So make room in your fridge as soon as possible.
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