Could Buffalo sign Richard Sherman? He sure does like the Bills

Well, this week it got really interesting on the Cris Collinsworth Podcast ...
Brandon Beane, general manager of Buffalo Bills, attended the show, hosted by NBC Sports analyst. All-pro cornerback Richard Sherman was also featured as a guest host.
The episode also runs through a familiar outlet for soccer fans: Pro Football Focus.
Wait a minute ... Beane? Sherman? PFF? That reminds us of something ...
Earlier this month, the Football Analytics Outlet began making some off-season predictions. Among them? Sherman on the bills in the free agency.
Did the stars just align themselves via podcast to achieve this?
Beane was specifically asked if she might want to sign Sherman and complimented him and Tre'Davious White by saying that the two corners, both of whom graduated near the top of their classes, all of his roster moves would question because they're smarter than him ... but Beane mostly downplayed it.
Before Beane brushed that awkward question aside, Sherman affirmed at least one thing: He sure likes what was wrong with the bills, from center stage Josh Allen to anything defense-related.
"I think (the bills) are in a great place," said Sherman. "I mean, shoot you, you have Big Play Tre, you have a great defense, you have a great leader in the middle of your defense, a boy." and explosive line of defense.
“On the offensive, they have a really great offensive line, underrated running backs, the receiving core that I think is underrated, and they made big games for them in the playoffs and of course in the quarterback. Payday is just around the corner [for Josh Allen]. "
Sherman, 32, is still planning to play in 2021 and he is a pending free agent. Last season he had a bad year, but so did the entire defense of the 49ers. No team has lost more starters to their roster due to injury than San Francisco. So that didn't help.
Previously, Sherman played well during the 49ers Super Bowl run in 2019.
Maybe PFF is here on something? We will see.
Buffalo currently has Josh Norman and Levi Wallace in their second cornerback spot, but both still have free agents with Wallace as RFA. Since the end of the Bills season, Beane has also been popular with rookie Dane Jackson in several interviews. Beane did this again on the podcast.
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