Country Music Star Rory Feek Shares Why Daughter With Down Syndrome Is 'Just Like Any Other Child'

Rory Feek and his daughter Indiana
The story: Singer-songwriter Rory Feek speaks openly about his daughter Indiana’s Down Syndrome diagnosis and shortly thereafter loses his wife. He spoke to Voices for the Voiceless about Indiana having a disability when the doctor said he suspected she might have Down syndrome.
The books and blogs I read for the first time right after Indy was born, and the advice I received all seemed to say, "This child will be completely different" and "Very, very low expectations" and ... that wasn't the case at all. She is incredibly smart and thoughtful. - Rory Feek
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Feek's wife Joey was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and she died in 2016. But Feek says Indiana, because of her vision, leads a life like any other child.
"My wife Joey was a lot smarter than me and she is the one who implemented these things early on. And I think it has made the difference in the Indiana world so far."
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The Frontlines: Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal disease and affects people of all races and economic levels. Family support and access to resources can make a big difference in what people with Down syndrome can do.
Down syndrome is diagnosed in 1 in 700 children born in the United States
There are three different types of Down syndrome, including trisomy 21 (non-disjunction), translocation, and mosaic
The life expectancy of people with Down syndrome has increased dramatically in the past few decades - from 25 years in 1983 to 60 years today
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A powerful voice: Our colleague, Tina Szocik, shared her feelings about raising her daughter with Down syndrome and educating others and said, “Please inquire about my child. Ask me questions and tell your kids that it's okay to do the same. I will be delighted to answer. And no question is ridiculous; How could I think I knew nothing only five years ago and had the same questions as you? “You can also submit your ego story.
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Other things you should know: Knowledge is power when it comes to raising awareness and increasing opportunities for people with disabilities. Here are some resources to learn more:
5 Tips For Parents To Process Their Child's Down Syndrome Diagnosis
Down syndrome is normal
We are the few happy families of children with Down syndrome
More Helpful Thinking: To learn more about his journey, Feek has a blog and is now publishing his second book about his experiences.
You can read his blog here
You can find details on his latest book here: "Once upon a time on a farm: Lessons about growing love, life and hope on a new frontier"
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