Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy shrugs off DB Xavier Woods' comment that defense can't go full speed every play

The Dallas Cowboys are 1-3 (and a historic 0-4 comeback) and face some tough questions.
The defense in particular faces questions after a 49:38 loss to the Cleveland Browns. Dallas registered a franchise record of 307 rushing yards on Sunday, allowing 38 points or more in each of the last three games. It ranks last in the NFL in points allowed per game and third in yards allowed.
When Xavier Woods was asked about the unit's efforts, Xavier Woods was fourth year defending the group but said it was not feasible to expect every defender to get the defenders into full swing.
Was Xavier Woods wrong in saying what he did? (Photo by Mitchell Leff / Getty Images)
From ESPN:
"Our efforts have been good," said Woods on Wednesday. "I mean, there are some people in certain games, I mean, me included, there might be a shortage, but overall the effort is there. I mean, you don't expect we're in the NFL, you don't expect guys with full Speed ​​for 70 games. That's not possible. But you'll give it all you can. I mean, we know. You don't expect one back corner to play a game on the other side. If he's running at full speed the whole thing Time is just not possible, to be honest. "
It is rare for the NFL player to publicly admit that his team is not 100 percent trying during a game. That's not to say Woods is wrong - gamers experience fatigue like any human (just much less often) - it's just an admission that is rarely seen. Fans will consider a lack of effort against an athlete much more than a lack of talent.
The discussion of Woods' comment eventually reached the team's head coach, Mike McCarthy. The coach seemed to see it as a misunderstanding rather than a damn statement against the team:
"I think it was a situation of trying to answer questions after a bad performance was the way I would classify it," McCarthy said of Woods' comments on Thursday. "I don't think it's a statement that can be made against every possible situation in football, as far as hypotheses and the like. We addressed our performance on Sunday. It was bad. The coaching on pursuit and expectations is online . " with everyone's expectations and understanding of how to play this game. "
Fortunately for the Cowboys, their next opponent is Daniel Jones and the New York Giants, who come last in the NFL with 11.8 points per game. If they can't win this battle between stoppable power and moving object, things will look pretty bleak.
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