Cowboys' Gerald McCoy calls out Jerry Jones for silence: 'It doesn't look good'

Gerald McCoy has not yet lost to the Dallas Cowboys.
He is already competing against Jerry Jones.
The newly signed Cowboys Defensive Tackle appeared on Friday in ESPN's "First Take". He had strong words for the usually vocal Jones, who has yet to make an explanation after George Floyd's death.
While Roger Goodell spoke the words "Black Lives Matter" as public opinion shifted to peaceful player protests, the most prominent owner of the NFL said nothing in public. McCoy wants to know why.
'Say something'
First mouth

@First flap
"If things don't go well for the team, you can hear him scream. Well, that's life. It's bigger than just soccer; it's bigger than money; it's bigger than a Super Bowl to win. And something has to be done be said. ""

Cowboys DT @ Geraldini93 wants Jerry Jones to speak.
10:39 p.m. - June 19, 2020
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"Well, if you have a franchise that is as recognizable as the cowboys, people listen when they report," McCoy said in a discussion about police brutality and George Floyd. “And the owner, Jerry Jones, who is one of the most famous characters in sports history, listens when he speaks. Well, I think at that point it would be great if he said something positive or something. "
"I love what he was in sport. He was excellent in football. He is a Hall of Famer. But at this point it is bigger than football. We need it to talk about life. This is about people and Equality. And that’s exactly what doesn’t happen. And it would be great to hear him say something.
Gerald McCoy - now a cowboy - asked Jerry Jones to say "anything" in the midst of American race relations accounting. (Photo by Jacob Kupferman / Getty Images)
"It does not look good"
When Smith tried to talk about McCoy, the NFL veteran continued his position. He does not allow the fear of the effects of cowboy management to stand in the way of his conviction.
"It doesn't look good," McCoy continued. "It doesn't look good. You can't keep silent at a time like this. I'm new to the Cowboys organization. I am blessed to be part of this organization. If the team is not doing well, you can hear it screaming.
"Well, that's life. It's bigger than just soccer, it's bigger than money, it's bigger than winning a Super Bowl. Something has to be said. "
McCoy then hammered home that he believes it is Jones' responsibility to use his massive platform to own the world's most valuable sports franchise to comment.
"Because of his level, who he is and how many people listen to him, that's why I say it," continued McCoy. "Everyone doesn't have to speak aloud. I'm not saying everyone has to say something. If you want to be silent, that's fine. But how high is it? Yes. I think something needs to be said."
Jerry Jones has been unusually calm lately. (AP photo / Paul Sancya, file)
Where's Jerry Jones?
Jones has not been silent on the subject in the past. When the debate about players protesting police brutality and social injustice during the national anthem reached its peak, Jones was clear.
"Our policy is that you stand on the anthem, toes on the line," said Jones in 2018.
He emphasized that he was concerned with the flag and the military.
"This is a case where we have to check that in my head and make it clear that it is. The priority is on the flag and clearly above it," continued Jones. “Sometimes it is best to be really clear and concise so that nobody gets it wrong. I think that's our case. "
A year earlier, Jones threatened to suspend players who had raised any protest during the anthem. He was the first owner to trigger this threat.
Answer from the cowboys
As public opinion fluctuated on player protests after Floyd's death, the cowboys released a video in which players and local law enforcement agencies discussed social injustice.
Dallas Cowboys

@Dallas Cowboys
The Dallas Cowboys started talking about social injustice two years ago and are still going on.

The recent murder of George Floyd and others shows the importance of continuing this effort.
8:11 p.m. - June 5, 2020
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Jones was not part of this conversation.
The cowboys released a statement on Friday confirming June 19.
Dallas Cowboys

@Dallas Cowboys
Today we recognize #Juneteenth

A day to think, educate and commemorate.
7:16 p.m. - June 19, 2020
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Still no word from Jones.
And McCoy, like many soccer fans, is ready to hear from him.
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