Cowboys QB Dak Prescott suffers awful dislocated ankle injury, is carted off

The Dallas Cowboys season was already bad, and then Dak Prescott was out with a compound fracture and a dislocation in his right ankle.
Prescott ran against the New York Giants when he was pulled from the side by cornerback Logan Ryan. His leg was awkwardly pinned under him as Ryan pulled him down, and as he sat on the floor after the attack, the television audience got a clear view of his right ankle, which was bent so it should not bend.
Players and coaches gathered around Prescott as he sat on the grass, disturbed by the graphic injury. Jason Garrett, Prescott's former trainer with the Dallas Cowboys and now offensive coordinator with the Giants, also came out. Medical personnel put an air print on Prescott's right leg. Prescott wept when he was lifted off the cart.
Dak Prescott is thrown off the field after suffering a serious ankle injury against the Giants on Sunday. (Photo by Tom Pennington / Getty Images)
Prescott's brother Tad tweeted a photo of him and Dak at the hospital where Prescott will be performing an ankle surgery on Sunday night.
Andy Dalton took on the role of Cowboys quarterback, a job he'll hold onto for the rest of the year when Prescott's injury is almost as bad as it looked.
Prescott wanted a long-term deal for the Cowboys, but he and the team couldn't agree on how much it should cost, and Prescott decided to play on a year-long franchise day. The risk of gambling on Franchise Day is injury and unfortunately Prescott suffered a severe blow on a Sunday.
The cowboys were 1-3 in week 5. They had Super Bowl dreams that came into the season with a starry offense, but Prescott's injury dampens all of their hopes for the season significantly.
WARNING: The following images on the CBS show that show Prescott's injury are graphic and not for the squeamish:
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