Creepy figure in the background of woman’s video leaves her disturbed: 'My soul just left my body'

You know when you're trying to tell a story, but you're distracted by something in the background and can't finish it?
TikTok user jacanderson certainly.
She had just started telling her followers her latest shopping trip when she was sitting in her car when she noticed a creepy face in the car next to her.
As a result, she recorded herself with a very concentrated expression that quickly turned into absolute terror. Then she zoomed in on a hooded skeleton support.
Photo credit: TikTok / jacanderson
"My soul has just left my body - said, guess I'm not paying rent," she said in the video.
It wasn't the video she wanted to record, but she still uploaded it.
"That was my real reaction. I was TERRIFIED LMAO I wanted to say that I drove 30 minutes to a particular walgreen to get magical shaving powder and they were outside, ”Jacobderson wrote in the video's comments.
The skeleton was scary, of course - but the commentators focused on their weird reaction to it.
"You literally have GLITCHED," wrote one user.
"Her face took a screenshot," said another.
"Thanks for the 6 pack of abs that laughed so hard," joked a third.
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The post-creepy intruder causes TikTok users to make a mistake telling a story that first appeared in In The Know.

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