Critics Slam Lena Dunham's Plus-Size Clothing Line For Not Being Inclusive

Critics of Lena Dunham's new plus-size clothing collection say that the items are not included for all plus-size people as the largest size is 26.
Dunham, creator of the Emmy-nominated HBO series "Girls," told the New York Times this week that she was working with oversized clothing company 11 Honoré on "a rigorously edited collection of just five items." Sizes 12 to 26 offerings range from a ribbed cotton jersey tank with a turtleneck sweater valued at $ 98 to a jacket valued at $ 298.
"At the moment I'm just talking about my own experiences," Dunham, who wears a size 14 or 16, told the point of sale. "So this line is a direct response to my experience."
According to a scientific study, the average woman in the US is 16-18, and plus-size brands like Eloquii and Universal Standard reach 28 and 4X, respectively.
Many people on social media pointed out that sizes for Dunham's clothing seem medium rather than oversized, and that there are "limited" options for taller people.
11 Honoré design director Danielle Williams Eke told HuffPost via email that it was important for the company to offer private label products in sizes up to 26.
"It took us a long time to perfect the class to a size 26, which included multiple fittings for a range of women from sizes 12 to 26 with different body shapes," said Eke. "Our ultimate goal is to attract as many women as possible and we are completely open to expanding the size 26 from the past in the future!"
Marcy Guevara-Prete, a celebrity stylist, co-owner of the Plus Bus Boutique and self-proclaimed “Big 11 Honoré Fan,” believes the brand “with limited resources is doing its best to offer plus size luxury fashion. ”
"I think this particular collaboration is a little numb, though," Guevara-Prete emailed HuffPost, adding that "the simple fix is ​​not to call it 'inclusive'."
"When something is labeled inclusive and ends at 26, it excludes a large part of the plus-size community and the most desperate for pieces over 26," said Guevara-Prete, who has dressed stars like comedian Michelle Buteau and actor Gabourey Sidibe.
Guevara-Prete said Dunham's "quick foray into plus size fashion" shows "their continuing privilege in the industry, and now in the plus size fashion industry."
Dunham did not respond to HuffPost's request for comment.
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