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We could watch this 100 times!
Brussels sprouts are an acquired taste for many. These vegetables can be delicious when prepared a certain way, but are usually distasteful when prepared incorrectly. However, some animals think differently about this tuberous vegetable and prove it in a viral video.
TikTok user @masons_cavies has a flock of 109 guinea pigs, many of which have been rescued. You recently shared a video of many of these little fellas feeding time, and the result is priceless. Watch the video to see how these guinea pigs go crazy over brussel sprouts!
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Oh my gosh these guinea pigs are going crazy over these Brussels sprouts! It's so cute to see them settle down to eat and eat their veggies. We are happy that they love their vegetables so much!
People in the comments love all the sounds coming from this guinea pig festival. @dtorchic said: "I love their squeaky sounds," and @rainz116 commented: "Thank goodness. I could hear their little noises all day long.” Nothing makes us happier than that sound!
Others are thrilled that these guinea pigs are living a good life. @patrickjamesaustin commented, "Look at how happy they are!" Another user, @betty67a, said, "OMG... I could watch this all day! You are absolutely beautiful and wonderful. It's my dream to have so many guinea pigs.” We love how well these guinea pigs are treated!
It was great to see these guinea pigs enjoying their food so much! Although these little guys love Brussels sprouts, they can only eat it once a month because of the...bloating effect it has on them. Their owners can't let the guinea pigs stink in the coop too often!
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