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The Carnival cruise ship passenger who fell overboard last Wednesday was near death when he was rescued, according to one of the US Coast Guard officers who rescued him.
Aviation survivor Richard Hoefle told CBS News he believed "the survivor had about 30 seconds to a minute before we lost him."
The 28-year-old has "an incredible will to survive," said Höfle.
"He fell off a boat, he didn't have a flotation device, he didn't have a radio or flares," Hoefle said. "He just had to do everything he could with what he had, which was nothing."
The passenger was reported missing by the crew of the Carnival Valor on Wednesday afternoon, the Coast Guard said last week.
The Coast Guard was then alerted by the crew of a bulk carrier after spotting the man in the water, and he was rescued about 20 miles south of Southwest Pass, Louisiana, Thursday night.
The man, who had been treading water for more than 15 hours, was flown to a hospital where he is recovering from hypothermia.
The Coast Guard shared footage of the rescue on social media.
When asked if he thinks the man will ever get back on the water, Hoefle said: "I think he would go on another cruise. He knows how to survive. He's survived before and this time just stays on board. "
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