Cuomo insists he won't take position in DC after being named as possible Biden attorney general

Andrew Cuomo speaks during an appearance on NBC's Today on Monday October 12th ((NBC))
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has insisted he "has no interest in going to Washington" after reports that he would be a candidate for US attorney general if Joe Biden is in the November election President is elected.
On Sunday, several Democratic donors told Axios that Mr Cuomo would be pushed into a possible Biden government with the presidential elections only weeks away.
Donors said Mr. Biden would consider him for the role because of his longstanding friendship and because Mr. Cuomo previously served as New York's attorney general before becoming governor of the state in 2011.
However, when asked about the report on NBC's Today Monday, Mr. Cuomo said he was not interested in moving to DC.
Mr. Cuomo said that if asked, he would reply to Mr. Biden, “You are an old friend, you are a good friend. You will win this election. You will be the president. I will still help you what I can. "
The governor added, "I'm a New Yorker. I said I was going to be the governor and these rumors - they're just people trying to get me out of New York. I don't know why, but that's where it comes from.
“I'm not interested in going to Washington. I said when this Covid situation started, just so that I would be absolutely believable with the people of the state, I am not running for president.
"I'm not running for Vice President. I don't want to go to Washington. I'm just giving you direct advice as your governor and there I am."
Axios reported that Stacey Abrams and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates are also rumored to be candidates for the position.
When asked in June if he would consider serving in a possible Biden government, Mr Cuomo made similar comments, according to The Hill.
During an appearance on ABC's Good Morning America, Mr. Cuomo, who previously served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Bill Clinton presidency, said, “I was in a cabinet, I was in Bill Clinton's cabinet, was there, did that.
"I don't want to go to Washington. They couldn't pull me, they couldn't force me. I only represent the people of the state, I have no agenda other than theirs."
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