Cuomo Warns He May Reverse Reopenings After New York Gets 25,000 Complaints

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned on Sunday that he could reverse the reopening in some areas after the state received 25,000 complaints about companies that violated social distancing measures as part of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
"We are receiving reports from across the state that there are large gatherings, social distance is being violated, and people are not wearing masks," Cuomo said during a press conference. “We have never received any complaints in less time. … Think about how concerned the New Yorkers are not only to see the violation, but then to be worried enough to come back and write a letter or call the complaint registration. "
Cuomo pointed a finger at shops in Manhattan and the Hamptons, where pictures of residents flocking to bars were widespread this weekend. He said he would reverse all reopening measures regionally before considering nationwide efforts and threatened to get alcohol permits in some bars and restaurants.
Friday evening (6/12), St. Mark's Square
03:33 - June 13, 2020East Village, Manhattan
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The governor's warning comes because other states faced their own decisions to reopen their economies earlier than experts had hoped. Oregon and Utah governors suspended their own jump start last week after infection rates increased in the days after restrictions were eased. In nearly two dozen states, the average daily number of cases this week has risen sharply compared to the previous period.
"The virus is making the timeline," said Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D). "We don't make a timeline."
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country's leading infectious disease expert, warned earlier this month that the effects of the coronavirus were far from over and said he was still concerned that the disease had "just taken over the planet".
"Oh my goodness. Where will it end? We are still beginning to understand," said Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, during a virtual conference this week.
In New York, the transmission of coronaviruses has declined sharply in recent weeks following orders from home. Cuomo said on Saturday that the city had "tamed the beast" after the city had the lowest number of COVID-19 hospitalizations since March 20.
Andrew Cuomo

@ NYGovCuomo
We lost 23 New Yorkers to COVID yesterday - a new record low.

The total number of COVID hospitalizations dropped to 1,657, the lowest since March 20.

The data show that we continue to make great strides.
7:07 p.m. - June 14, 2020
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But he continued to warn Sunday that New York would not imitate other countries that had seen an increase in infections, as the social detachment measures were relaxed.
"We are not joking with it. You speak of endangering people's lives, ”he said. "It's not difficult to find out what's going on here. It happened in half of the nation's states. So far we have been the exception. We will not be returning to this dark place because the local government has not done its job."
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