Curt Schilling de-activates his Twitter after Bubba Wallace tweet, fight with Trevor Bauer

Twitter is a place where a bad tweet sends a mob after you and prompts you to delete your account. Seems like Curt Schilling has finally been listening.
Schilling, the ex-all-star pitcher who has become the right-wing political commentator, is no stranger to social media controversy, but looks like he's finally (or for now) done with Twitter. After an untidy 24 hours, Schilling deactivated his account and posted on Facebook that he instead went to Parler, the so-called "social network for free expression", which is becoming increasingly popular among conservatives. You will recall that Schilling claims that his support for Donald Trump keeps him out of the Hall of Fame.
It is unclear why Schilling left Twitter permanently - where he has been fighting with people for years. On Tuesday, he was in a tweet debate with the Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer (in which Schilling did not perform well) and called the Bubba Wallace story "JussieSmollett v 2.0".
The Twitter crowds appreciate Bauer for causing Schilling to delete his account - her argument about advanced statistics has been named and Bauer got a TKO - but some news agencies also link him to his Bubba Wallace tweet.
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Trevor Bauer had Curt Schilling deactivated
5:59 p.m. - June 24, 2020
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Brianna Wu

The notorious transphobe, racist and embarrassment to Red Sox fans Curt Schilling has deleted his Twitter account.

This guy cheated on Rhode Island taxpayers and financially ruined the honest game developers he hired in New England. Goodbye forever.
5:49 p.m. - June 24, 2020
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Schilling was, of course, fired from ESPN after a number of mishaps on social media, including posting racist and culturally insensitive memes after receiving multiple warnings. He has tweeted every controversy that comes in his way. Even to the point of unintended cheerfulness.
So it is no small thing to amaze him by leaving Twitter. Bauer is the first MLB pitcher to record a W in 2020.
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