Custom Wrangler, Special Edition Ford Truck Sunk Trying To Save Exotic Boat

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An insurance claim of $ 300,000 quickly became an insurance claim of over $ 400,000.
What should have been a pleasant day on the water became an expensive event for a boat owner in Indiana. Although the details that triggered the incident are unclear, it is clear that on June 20, a Pavati wakeboard boat began to sink in Cedar Lake, northern Indiana (about an hour southeast of Chicago). At that point, the owner was using a special Jeep Wrangler and a Ford F-150 Raptor to try to get the boat to safety.
Unfortunately, this poorly advised rescue did not go as planned because the boat and both off-road vehicles were partially submerged in the lake water, but luckily no one seems to have been injured.
A family living on Cedar Lake tried to save their sinking boat by using family vehicles according to ...
Open door region news source op Zaterdag 20 june 2020
It is not clear why the boat started to sink, but the most obvious answer is that the drain plug may have been left out when the boat started. This could be a particularly likely explanation as the owner has apparently owned the boat for just over a month and skipping the drain plug is a slight mistake.
Pavati makes high-quality aluminum wakeboard boats from $ 285,900, and the Jeep and Raptor together were probably worth over $ 100,000. In addition to the off-road vehicles, another ski boat was used to bring the Pavati back on land. However, this seems to have failed, and no information has been provided on how or when the boat, Jeep, and Ford were pulled out of the water.
From one of our customers in Cedar Lake, Indiana. Someone sank his $ 300k + Pavati wake boat, then flooded his jeep and ...
Geplaatst Tür lifts ladders and op Zondag June 21, 2020
According to one post, authorities from the Indiana Conservation Police and the Cedar Lake Fire Department's naval unit have been notified, but no information has been released by either authority.
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