CVS customer catches pharmacy employee's alleged unsanitary behavior on camera: ‘This is the final straw’

A CVS customer registered an employee who allegedly acted unsanitary at work in what the buyer described as her "last straw" with the pharmacy.
Jessica Lasirena (@ jessica.lasirena), the patroness in question, shared on TikTok footage of a pharmacy worker at an unknown CVS location touching her medication with his bare hands after allegedly tending to the till and handling money from other customers .
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In her caption, Lasirena stated that when the staff picked up her medication at the pharmacy, they had prepared the wrong prescription. While waiting for her correct medication, Lasirena said she recorded the gloveless clerk who measured her dose by hand before tossing it into what appeared to be a pill counter or dispenser.
TikTokers were equally disgusted with the seemingly unsanitary behavior.
"You should never touch a pill with your hand in the field," commented one user.
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A guide to the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) advises that pharmacists "should never handle medication with [their] bare hands" to avoid possible skin absorption of any medication . The guide also advises that touching pills can put you at risk of "contaminating another person's medication with medication that is already on your hands or traces of dirt and germs you may be carrying" .
"The use of gloves helps to avoid accidental contact," says the instructions. "Dispose of gloves after handling medication to avoid cross-contamination between different customers' prescriptions."
In a follow-up video, Lasirena stated that she eventually mentioned the incident to the employee, who called her and asked if someone else could refill it. The pharmacist on duty then came and refilled the prescription herself.
"There was no shouting," Lasirena said in the clip. “I stayed calm. I didn't come for her. I just wanted it to be done right. "
Lasirena added that her complaints about CVS go back nearly two years and noted that she was given the wrong dosage of medication on several occasions.
In a statement to In The Know, a CVS representative said, “The safety of our patients is our top priority. We have put in place guidelines to help keep patients and colleagues safe when filling out and dispensing prescriptions in our pharmacies, and we will underline the importance of following these guidelines with our team members. "
In The Know, Lasirena asked for a comment.
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Post-CVS client claims unsanitary behavior by a pharmacy worker: "This is the last straw" first appeared on In The Know.
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