Dad builds one-of-a-kind bed for his toddler transitioning out of his crib

This dad built a beautiful, unique bedtime getaway to help his toddler transition from sleeping in a crib to a bed!
Bailey Solyntjes (@ bailey.solyntjes) is a TikToker and busy mom of two who recently shared a video of the amazing crib that her husband built to help their son Joey get out of his crib.
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The clip begins with a shot of Solyntjes ‘husband and little Joey just finishing the bed frame, which was specially designed to look like a mini house with a roof and a working gate!
Suddenly the video is cut to reveal Joey's finished new bed, decked out in a cozy forest theme. What was once an empty room is now a toddler's paradise, complete with railroad carpeting, national park posters, and even a stuffed bear on the wall.
Viewers on TikTok couldn't get enough of the DIY wonder bed.
“Does he sell them? I would definitely buy one for my 1 year old, ”inquired a curious consumer.
“I fucking love this idea! It's amazing and awesome, ”enthused another viewer.
"Love that! Tutorial? Or where did he find the dimensions? ”Asked an ambitious builder.
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While one viewer remarked that “changing the sheets must be brutal,” Solyntjes proved the opposite in a follow-up video in which she simply lifts the mattress to put a fitted sheet in it.
The transition from cot to bed is an important milestone for toddlers. Experts say that giving your child freedom of choice by letting them choose which toys or decorations to use in their new environment can help your child feel more comfortable and secure at bedtime.
As the video shows, including your child in the crib-to-bed adventure can help prepare them for the transition and get them excited about sleeping in a large crib.
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