Dad discovers 11-year-old has been drinking ‘mimosas’ in the bathtub: ‘Who showed my little girl how to make mimosas?’

A dad went viral after making a shocking discovery in his little girl's bathroom - and TikTok can't get enough of his supportive, impartial upbringing!
Brandon, known as @brandon_rainwater on TikTok, filmed the moment he discovered his 11-year-old daughter was drinking "mimosa" in the bathtub after a stressful day.
Now the video has been viewed nearly 6 million times and received 1.3 million likes and thousands of comments!
"I think my little girl had a bad day at school today, or maybe she's got a lot on her mind, I mean ... a stressful day for an 11-year-old I guess," Brandon begins to say, holding his voice down Whisper.
"I heard the water flow so I came here to turn the water off and I saw that," he continues, turning the camera to reveal a bathtub full of bubbles.
But it's what rests on the side of the tub that makes Brandon crack: a foil-lined baking sheet covered with an assortment of snacks, a bottle of sparkling grape juice, and a pitcher of orange juice.
“Who showed my little girl how to make mimosa? … Who drank mimosa with my little girl? ”He says laughing into the camera.
“That's enough, I already laughed - it's not even your first bottle!” He says as he takes an empty mini bottle with sparkling grape juice out of the soap dish.
"Hey, I'm not going to say anything," says Brandon, smiling at the camera. “I'll let them do their thing. We are all stressed out at times. And we have to eat a cheese platter and drink mimosa. "
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'Go Daddy!! Support your baby !!! ’
TikTokers flooded Brandon's comments - both in support of Brandon's parenting and in praise for his daughter's self-caring instincts.
"Your self-care game is A +," commented one user.
“This baby is stressed out !! I'm so proud of her, she knows how to handle her stress and move on, ”wrote another user.
“BRING THIS GIRL A BATH TRAY AND BAD GOODIES FOR CHRISTMAS !! It will need many more “I” days in its future, ”suspected one user.
“This girl is being taught RIGHT! Your little sausage board and mimosa, ”laughed another user.
“She is a lady! And someone took her last nerve today, "joked another user.
"Oh, she's stressin stressin !!! Let the little mama pull herself together. The way back is important! ”Wrote another user.
But the overwhelming majority of the comments were praise for Brandon and the way he handled the situation.
"It's the supportive dad who recognizes that a child can have bad days for me," commented one user.
"Go Daddy!! Support your baby !!! ”wrote another user.
“You're doing it right dad! She knows she can safely fall apart at home. Keep it up! "Commented another user.
“Oh, the baby had a rough day. Good job daddy allowing her to have her moment free of judgment, ”wrote another user.
“Thank you for giving her this space to take care of herself. That's so nice, ”wrote one user. Brandon replied, “Thank you. She is 11 and 30 lol. "
With fathers like Brandon around the world raising young people to recognize their feelings and process them in a healthy way, the future looks bright!
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