Dad faces backlash over ‘cruel’ response to son’s ‘surprise’ wedding: ‘Rude and uncalled for’

A man has insulted his daughter-in-law (DIL) and is being roasted for it.
The father went on Reddit's "Am I the A ******" to find out if he was wrong. He and his wife never liked their daughter-in-law. But when his wife accidentally wore white to their daughter-in-law's wedding, things seem to have exploded.
"My son married a woman eight months ago whom we never liked," he wrote. “They had a surprise wedding, which means neither of us knew we were going to a wedding and we were told it was just a cocktail party. My wife wore white. Now that I think about it, my wife wears a lot of white and that makes DIL even more stupid because she never warned us. "
Since the wedding, the daughter-in-law was upset that his wife was wearing white.
"She [DIL] had a wedding photo on social media and when someone commented who was wearing white, she wrote back, 'this is my mother-in-law, she doesn't like me' and a laughing emoji," he said. “My wife made her aware of this and she played the victim and moaned about my wife trying to stage her. She made a few derogatory comments and told people who didn't attend the wedding that it was intentional. "
His son then told him why the daughter-in-law was angry about the incident.
"He said she was unsure because when she showed the wedding pictures to her best friend who couldn't make it, the friend immediately said my wife is beautiful," he explained. “I think her mother said something too. My wife used to model and wasn't an ass, but she draws your eye a lot more than DIL. He said that she is insecure and has always felt insecure about my wife. We're Hispanic too and she's white and I think her own mom told her to tan and she would look pasty compared to everyone. "
But the daughter-in-law continues to play the harp.
"She recently made another comment about the picture proving she's the innocent in the relationship, and I snapped at her that I'm tired of hearing about the white dress," he continued. "And that she might have been a beautiful bride if she had cared more about her own looks and people wouldn't look at her mother-in-law. She stormed off and my son is crazy. He actually said that his mother had great self-esteem has (it doesn't) so we should take the main road. "
Reddit users weren't a fan of anyone in this scenario. The verdict was simply "Everyone sucks".
“Your hatred of this woman is so exaggerated. They were purposely cruel to her and I doubt this was the first time, ”said one user.
"DIL was intentionally misleading and the comment on the original poster was extremely rude and inappropriate," explained another.
"Low beating is never the right answer," someone commented.
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