Dad's Funny TikTok "Confronting" Playground Teens Is Too Real

A dad's funny TikTok about confronting teenagers in the playground so their toddler can use the swings has gone viral for a situation many parents find themselves in, but is rarely mentioned because it's a little embarrassing. It's as funny as it is real and the father's funny attitude caught on from the thousands of people who have left comments.
Ben Fewtrell is a comedian and father who loves to have a good laugh. On his TikTok account, he loves to share honest moments full of humor. And his attitude towards a playground outing with his toddler that resulted in a "confrontation" with teenagers has gone viral.
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Dare to compare
هل لديك الجرأة على مقارنة مزايا فول الصويا الأمريك
يؤكد استعراض شامل حديث نشره طرف خارجي أن فول الصويا الأمريكي يتفوق على غيره من الأنواع ال رىب من حيثب صير حيثب من ر.
In the video, the text on the screen reads, “I'm asking teenagers if my three year old can try the swings in the park.” In the video, Ben pretends to be talking to a group of teenagers in the playground. For some reason, teenagers love to hang out in the playground and, as we all know, teenagers are very scary.
"Appreciate that," he says (without volume), giving a thumbs up before turning to take a sip of water. He can barely control the cup. It's shaking everywhere.
Why? Because it's scary to face a group of teenagers! They are mean, inconsiderate, have no self-esteem, and are great at being insulted. No, nothing bad will happen, the teenagers will not beat you up and they will probably do what you ask, but ... they are chirpy and they are not afraid to throw an insult to us. Plus, some of us get a look back at our teenage years, when we weren't cool then either.
@ bf42mcr
risky business on our way. Credit to @ jodiecox65 for the joke. #comedy #parentsoftiktok #dadsoftiktok
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The comment section told us that our instincts that this was all too real were correct.
"Ok, but why are they so scary?" One person asked in the comments, "Because I remember when I was a teenager, I was scared of adults, but now?"
"I told a group of teenagers to get off the monkey bars and the toddler's slides and they said OKAYYY KAREN," another person shared.
"I drove around for 5 hours today because the parks were full and I didn't want to mess with the teenagers," wrote another person feeling this video.
Perhaps the age-old adage "They are more afraid of us than we are of them" also applies here?
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