Dad sneaks through crawl space to kidnap 5-week-old from Michigan home, police say

A five-week-old baby was abducted early Thursday morning by her father, who, according to Michigan State Police, does not have custody of the child.
Soldiers in Richmond Township were dispatched to a home for the first time around 7 a.m. Thursday for reports of a stolen vehicle. When they arrived, they learned that a five-week-old child was missing in the home, the state police said.
According to the state police, investigators found that the child's father, who was not publicly identified, had broken into the house by sneaking through a crawl space under the apartment. Then he is said to have kidnapped the baby and fled with the mother's vehicle.
Authorities were in the process of issuing an Amber Alert when the child was found by police in Madison Heights.
"They were notified that workers in a local shop heard a child crying," state police said on Thursday in a series of tweets. "When they went to the investigation, they found a child on the sidewalk in a car seat."
According to the state police, the baby was taken to a nearby hospital and reunited with her mother. The baby seemed unharmed.
Police in Troy took the man into custody and, according to state police, was interrogated late Thursday morning. His charges were not disclosed.
Richmond Township is about 80 km north of Detroit.
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