Dad sparks debate after learning his ex-wife is ‘bribing’ their son

A divorced father causes fierce controversy after revealing the "crazy" parenting decision his ex-wife made.
The father, who posted under the username u / stinkyson68, shared his dilemma in Reddit's AITA forum (Am I The A ******). In his post, he recently explained an argument that resulted from a conversation with his 13-year-old son.
According to the Post, the teenager has a “hygiene problem” and doesn't like to take a shower - a problem his father tried to solve by insisting that he shower at least every other day. However, these attempts were stifled when the father found out that his ex-wife had "bribed" her son to clean herself.
"I noticed that he came back from my ex-wife in a shower," wrote the father. "My ex recently told me a little secret, that she paid him $ 10 to shower."
This finding led to a massive family dispute as well as criticism of Reddit from commentators.
"It sounds crazy"
The father was upset to learn that his son only got money to shower, but he initially gave in and followed the lead. However, things got more complicated when the 13-year-old decided to "burden" his two parents more.
"It sounds crazy, but I couldn't stand the stench anymore, so I paid him $ 10 to take a shower and sure enough that he took a shower," wrote the father. "It took a few weeks. Then my son told me that he would no longer shower for $ 10. He said the price had risen to $ 15. "
The redditor's ex-wife apparently joined the charge as he maintained, suggesting that his son "could increase the price indefinitely." Then he decided to face the teenager's mother.
"I told my son I wouldn't pay him to take a shower if he went on like this. He said he would continue to shower with my ex-wife and not shower in my house, ”he wrote. "I realized that the only way to get around this was to prevent my ex-wife from continuing to be blackmailed, so I told her to stop making payments to him for showering."
"I can't tell her how to raise her child."
The man told his ex-wife that her son's "extortion" had "gone too far," but she refused to pay him.
"She told me that she understands my concern, but she will still pay him to take a shower because I can't tell her how to raise her child, especially if it's something I did until recently," he wrote.
Reddit users have commented on the post hundreds of times, with some criticizing the woman's "crazy" and "gross" decision to continue paying her son.
"How is that possible at all? I am the biggest pushover mother, but when I shower, my son takes a shower. When I say I load the dishwasher, everything is done. Etc. How is there not even mutual respect in your home? Wrote a commentator.
However, the majority of users criticized both parents equally, saying that both the father and his ex-wife were responsible for the situation.
“They are physically threatened and heavily armed by a 13-year-old. Everyone sucks and fails. Parents him. You are all rude and careless, ”wrote one user.
"When it comes to this point, you should probably consider therapy or something else," added another.
Others were even more concerned, arguing that the situation could have long-term effects on their child's development.
"Please find that you encourage manipulative behavior and raise your son to be a monster," wrote one user.
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