Dad stirs controversy after ‘taking away’ his children’s Christmas presents: ‘Actions have consequences’

A father returned all of his children's Christmas gifts after they had behaved badly.
He went to Reddit's "Am I the A ******" (AITA) forum to explain the extreme punishment. His five children continued to shirk their responsibilities and did not respect their nanny when she resigned. After several warnings, the father canceled Christmas for the family.
"AITA for taking Christmas away from my children after they fired our nanny?" The father wrote. "My wife and I have five children and a nanny who has been with us for about eight months. She is one of the hardest working women I know. We have never had a nanny, but my wife and I did our best to make her feel part of our family. Our children behave decently with the exception of the occasional outburst / tantrum and stupid kid stuff. We pride ourselves on "talk it out" rather than taking things from them or them otherwise punish what seems to be working well. "
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But when the children's behavior suddenly changed for the worst, the father felt that there had to be consequences.
"I got reports from the nanny every day that our children were behaving a little more tearful and demanding than usual," he explained. “Our oldest two were particularly demanding, requesting things from our nanny without asking or thanking her, and talking to her as if they were her friends. Our younger two have refused to clean up after themselves and to treat our nanny like a maid. […] I let them know that we wouldn't celebrate Christmas if they didn't respect our nanny. "
But the father's threat didn't work.
"You decided earlier this week that you would have one of the worst days I have ever seen," said the father. “I came home to a wreck. All of my children sat in silence on the couch. They were disregarded, verbally attacked, and refused to do things for our nanny all day, and she finally had enough. She felt like she wasn't being heard and the children's attitudes towards her were higher than she could handle so she gave up as soon as I got home. "
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The Reddit commentary believed the father was doing what was right.
"Actions have consequences," wrote one user.
"Kudos to you for trying to instill discipline in your children," said another.
"You have to learn somehow," someone wrote.
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