Damon Dash talks managing Type 1 diabetes during COVID and why he’s ‘100%’ taking a vaccine

Exclusive: Damon Dash shared with the grio how he maintains his health and understands why some in the Black Community may not be ready to take a vaccine
The year he turned 15 was probably the toughest year in Damon Dash's life. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It was also the year his mother died of an asthma attack. He remembers it well.
“I started losing weight. I lost my appetite and started urinating a lot. I lost a lot of weight and felt terrible, ”he recalls in an exclusive interview with theGrio. “I thought I had HIV. This was back when Magic first announced he had it. I just got sexually active. I really thought I was going to die for a good month or so. "
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He says that he eventually went to a doctor: “They told me I had diabetes and all I had to do was give me a chance and I could get better. I've been partying and I've been partying ever since. "
(Photo by Phillip Faraone / Getty Images)
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He explains that he thought he received a gift from a higher power. "God meant I'll give you a second chance and just make it something you can handle. I counted it more positively than negatively from my perspective. Everything I've done great I did when I was a diabetic." was. "
The co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records relies on medication to stay safe and healthy. He is also vigilant about his diet. He doesn't eat meat and was mostly vegan until his fiancé Raquel Horn was pregnant with their new son, who had to eat eggs and cheese to keep Baby Dusko to safety.
Horn has been vegan again since then, but Dame is a little behind her.
His relationship with Horn redefined his senior years. Dame will be 50 years old in May and has just become a father again for the fifth time. The couple had a long journey with fertilization treatments and experienced a pregnancy loss last year.
Just before the pandemic, the couple tried IVF again and succeeded. They spent the entire quarantine expecting a child.
"We had a really structured plan after we lost the baby," he says. “Go to Hawaii, make us happy, rejuvenate. Rocky wanted to get back in shape. And in three months, just before COVID hit. We were able to carry out the transfer the week before. "
Raquel Horn and Damon Dash attend National Film and Television Awards Ceremony at Globe Theater on December 5, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Phillip Faraone / Getty Images)
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"I can only imagine that we have to get through the quarantine, miserable and concerned about what just happened and the fact that there is nothing we can do to fix it."
Instead, their successful in vitro fertilization allows the couple to focus on their health and isolate their family from COVID-19.
"We live in a bubble anyway," says Dash. “Our garden is important. (The pandemic) gave us a perfect excuse not to have anyone in the house. Not having to go outside ... just being selfish. "
Dash says he and Horn spent a lot of time walking, cooking, and exercising. "We had the jacuzzi, the swimming, we could only be with people we thought were healthy."
He says that anyone who comes to town must have a negative COVID test before entering their home and that they have a really small team of people around them.
Isolating yourself is one way Dash keeps himself and his family healthy. He also says that he plans 100% to take the coronavirus vaccine.
"You know, I don't trust anything, but I'm going to take this vaccine," says Dash. "I don't want to be like I should have said in the hospital that I should have taken this vaccine. And a lot of people are dependent on me."
As the hip-hop and movie mogul nears his 50th birthday next year, he says he understands the reluctance of the black community to take the vaccine.
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(Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images for CineVegas)
"I'm pretty sure there are a lot of things that don't really work for us as blacks culturally, or just as people to be controlled by another social class. But I'm the type of insulin that is made up. And by default I actually rely on things that I can't control. "
Dash takes OneDrop, Dexcom, and Afrezza to maintain his health. He often records his health journey on the Dash Diabetes Network on YouTube.
“I take a long-lasting one once a day, about 30 units a day. And when my sugar is high I use Afrezza because that will keep it low and it's an inhalable insulin. "
He also vapes regularly to sweat toxins from his body. He also trains daily.
"I'm not saying this is for everyone. But because I have no choice, I can't be like this, oh, I just take insulin because I need it, even though it's made by doctors. But I'm not going to take a vaccine, because I may not need it. I am committed. I have no choice. "
While the coronavirus pandemic stopped a lot of work in Hollywood, Dash was still working.
He was making a film on Kanye West's ranch in Wyoming called The Stone. He also made a short film with his daughter Ava Dash - a model and a documentary. He is also planning a documentary and a series of comedy specials.
But Dash had the most fun and joy in his new job in the philanthropic space.
He teamed up with a new organization called Off School Grounds, which launched this year as a virtual platform that encourages the development of innovative leadership practices that allow school principals to share ideas and improve educational opportunities for color students.
Dash regularly participates in weekly discussions that cover a wide range of educational and leadership areas, including visionary and strategic leadership, effective professional and ethical practices, distance leadership and learning, and other key leadership practices that are critical to increasing student performance.
“You know,” explains Dash, “(when) you see that there is a demand, you don't complain about it. I don't sit and wait for another culture to help me. I don't wait for an oppressor to me suppressed. I'll do what I have to do. "
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