Damon Lindelof Explains the ‘Lost’ Whispers, Says ‘People Outside of Our Writers Room’ Know Who Was on the Outrigger

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse cleared up some “lost” burning questions during New York Comic Con on Saturday, including a (virtual, recorded) panel on the 10th anniversary of the ABC drama series finale.
Of course, Lindelof's answers to some questions from superfans, just like "Lost" itself, may have raised more questions than actual answers.
It's like living with these two in purgatory of message board theory.
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Initially, Lindelof was asked about the show's secret whispers and how they may relate directly to the Others, a group of people who inhabited the island before Oceanic Flight 815 crash-landed.
While Lindelof wasn't asked directly how the smoke monster fits all of this, he offered a link between several mysteries.
"The monster was kind of a quasi-ghost in the sense that it could take the form of the dead as reflected by the individuals trying to seduce, attack, intimidate, recruit, whatever," Lindelof said . "So Jack saw his father and Eko saw Yemi and so on - and Shannon saw Walt - the fact that Ben Linus could control the monster and that the monster was in a way responsible for the whispering too. So the idea is that sometimes the whispers are the monster, sometimes the actual ghosts of the island, and sometimes just a terrible problem with the story that we wanted to get ourselves out of. "
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Pretty enlightening stuff - but the guys didn't want to go there when asked about the secret identities of the people on the boom. That season five shootout scene is the only guy for the "Sopranos" series finale, Lindelof said.
"We'll take that to our graves," said Lindelof. “I'll say we wrote the scene. We wrote the scene that answered the question. And other people outside of our writing room saw the scene and were sworn to secrecy. Should Carlton and I die ... these people can come up front and say, "Now that they're dead, I'll tell you who's on the boom." But we will keep our personal integrity. "
So you just have to survive them. Or wait for her on the island so you can all move on together, or whatever that was.
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Check out the boom scene below.
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