Dana White posts video rebuking media that condemned him for UFC fights during pandemic

Dana White at the UFC 229 post-fight press conference
When the world came to a standstill due to the global coronavirus pandemic, very few people stood up and said they simply refused to accept it.
UFC President Dana White is pretty famous for ignoring what people tell him it can't, and that has never been more obvious than during the pandemic.
Though the UFC had to cancel a handful of events, White was willing to move away from state sanctions to hold events on Native American reservations when government agencies refused to support his efforts.
It was certainly one of the most renegade steps White had ever taken. For years the UFC sought regulation, but White firmly believed he needed to keep his organization operational.
There was no shortage of critics. Experts across the spectrum shot at White, claiming it was foolhardy. There was no way White and the UFC would emerge unscathed from such wreck-free behavior.
As of the end of 2020, the UFC may not have been left unscathed, but it certainly has not fallen victim to the condemnation leveled in the early days of White's efforts to advance his sport.
The UFC has been holding events on a regular basis since reviving the sports world with UFC 249 on May 9, 2020. There have been numerous fighters and cornerman as well as UFC staff who have contracted COVID-19, the cause of the disease in the coronavirus.
To date, however, there have been no superspreader events or deaths attributable to the UFC's operations.
In fact, the UFC's handling of COVID-19 has been a blueprint for many other sports and companies to work safely.
Things have gone so well that White claims the promotion had one of its most successful years of all time, all amid this pandemic.
In a video that White published on Monday, media representatives are heavily fired, many of whom are in the foreground alongside their criticism in the video.
When White decides to move forward in 2021, he doesn't let his critics quietly fade into the darkness of 2020.
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