Daniel Dae Kim recounts the hate crime that took away his sister's ability to live her passion — running

Actor and activist Daniel Dae Kim recalled a violent hate crime that his younger sister suffered six years ago that has kept the once avid runner from pursuing her passion ever since.

A Targeted Assault: In a recent interview with People, Daniel shared how his sister Connie was attacked and assaulted by a driver while she was on her daily run.
According to Daniel, the driver yelled at her and told her to avoid them. When Connie stepped aside, the driver hit her twice and threw her to the ground.
"This man targeted her because of her race and repeatedly tried to run her over with his car," Daniel was quoted as saying. "Because of the injuries she sustained in the attack, she can no longer walk."
Law enforcement at the time prevented them from pursuing hate crime charges and pointed to the difficulty of obtaining a successful prosecution in such a case. The suspect was instead convicted of negligent negligence.
It was later discovered that the man who attacked Connie had previous allegations of violence against Asian women.
Grateful for her brother's support, Connie said that Daniel always gives her a "priceless sense of stability and security."

Daniel's Advocacy: Daniel was an active voice in condemning anti-Asian hate crimes amid the escalation of such incidents during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In March, days after six Asian women were killed by an armed man in Atlanta, he appeared on Capitol Hill to urge Congress to pass the No Hate Bill and COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act.
Speaking to the Constitutional, Civil Rights and Freedoms Subcommittee, Daniel said, “I am not naive enough to believe that I will convince you all to stand up for us. But I speak to those for whom humanity is still important. "
The actor commented on how the police captain, who described the suspect as "having a very bad day," reminded him of how the police were also trying to minimize the attack on his sister.
Daniel also joined actor Daniel Wu to find the suspect who attacked a 91-year-old man in Oakland by offering a $ 25,000 reward, NextShark previously reported.
He views his efforts as part of a collective and credits the Asian-American community as a whole with "standing up and speaking in a way he has not seen in a long time".

Daniel Dae Kim starred for the first time in National Geographics' second season "The Hot Zone: Anthrax," which premieres on November 28th.

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