DaniLeigh Apologizes Again For Her Controversial 'Yellow Bone' Song: 'It Was Really Ignorant'

DaniLeigh sat down with Power 105's Angie Martinez to talk about co-parenting with rapper DaBaby, her Instagram incident in November and the backlash she received for her song "Yellow Bone."
During the interview, DaniLeigh again apologized for the track, calling the moment a terrible mistake.
In the clip, which has gone viral, DaniLeigh tells Martinez that the song was "a mistake" and a "learning lesson" for her.
“It was definitely a learning session for me; I just want to say to everyone that I'm very sorry. It was just a mistake; I'm a Dominican,” said DaniLeigh. "I have a black family, my daughter is a black girl, even speaking with skin color makes me realize how messed up it is now."
Martinez asked the singer if she knew the song could have been problematic; DaniLeigh said she didn't know, but she didn't write the song to praise fair-skinned women.
"I had no idea," said DaniLeigh. "But I don't think I wrote the song on purpose to praise fair skin or anything, I just think I wasn't really thinking, it was really like ignorant."
DaniLeigh released the song last year and was immediately bombarded with colorist accusations online.
While some in the social media community were quick to point out the colorism and anti-black content in the song, others speculated that the song was a diss track towards one of DaBaby's baby moms.
In a now-deleted Instagram post, DaniLeigh first doubled down for her song, asking why she couldn't do a song for her "fair-skinned baddies," noting that there were plenty of other songs praising other skin tones.
"Why can't I make a song for my fair-skinned villains? Why do you think I hate other colors when there are millions of songs that appeal to all types," said DaniLeigh. "Why are you all so sensitive and taking it personally... gahhh damn."
The singer pulled back and apologized on her Instagram account, in which she apologized for not being sensitive enough to colorism.
"It wasn't something I looked at closely," said DaniLeigh. "I'm sorry I wasn't sensitive to the subject... I definitely feel misunderstood.”
However, some didn't think her apology was sincere, especially as she cited her relationship with a "chocolate man" as why she wasn't being racist.
Following the release of her interview with Martinez, DaniLeigh released a new song, ostensibly to her child's father, DaBaby.
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