Danny Green: LeBron James, others may skip start of season if it tips off in December

LeBron James looked like the best player in the NBA in every way on his way to winning another championship and the Final MVP - still at the age of 35. One theory of why LeBron looked so good last season was calm: for the first time in 14 years, he had a full off-season to recover early in the season (no playoffs), then the coronavirus gave him a forced break in the middle . That kept some older legs fresh.
Whether you buy this or not, calmness is certainly important to LeBron, which is why he may be resisting an NBA launch before Christmas. That said Lakers teammate Danny Green on the wrestler NBA Show (hat tip Logan Murdock).
If the NBA tips on December 22nd next season, as the NBA owners are asking (negotiating), there will be only 73 days between the end of the NBA finals and the start of next season. That's roughly half the usual off-season (140 days, give or take).
For a player like LeBron who prioritizes rest and relaxation, sitting out at the start of the season may not be an option.
However, players in general - and the players union - are expected to get largely immersed in the earlier launch date, which ESPN's Brian Windhorst talked about in his latest podcast. There are mutliple reasons for this. The early launch date is forecast to increase NBA sales by approximately $ 500 million, half of which will go to players, under the terms of the collective agreement. The NBA is a business and that's a lot of money for players to walk away from. Second, many players want to get back a little closer to a regular schedule so they can have their summers back.
Don't be shocked if LeBron is there for the Lakers on Opening Night and Christmas Day, but that he will also have a lot more days off for load management next season when the league goes through a shortened schedule to get back on track .
Danny Green: LeBron James, others can skip the start of the season when it hits NBCSports.com in December

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