Darcey Silva Twerks in a Diaper Before Plastic Surgery Makeover in Darcey & Stacey Season Finale

A little nip, a little tuck and a whole load of nerves.
In an exclusive foretaste of the season two finale of Darcey & Stacey, twin sisters Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva finally go under the knife for their much-anticipated makeovers in Turkey. And while the 90-day fiancé spin-off stars already have plastic surgery experience, this procedure feels ... different.
"We just pray. We just bless the doctor's hands and pray that all goes well," says Stacey as she and Darcey bow their heads in prayer.
During a confessional, she adds, "I mean, I know we like to have an operation because we're excited to see the results, but I can feel the nervousness."
The Silva sisters put on hospital gowns, and while Stacey is visibly afraid, Darcey knows exactly how to calm her nerves: With a helping of laughter - the best medicine. She literally pees in her pants from giggling loudly and jokes, "Where's the diaper? I rang a little."
And Darcey actually puts on a padded diaper and does a little dance to cheer up Stacey. "The diaper saved me," says Darcey in a confessional. "It was really very comfortable. I didn't want to take it off."
90 days of engaged stars epic makeovers
But when the nurse comes to take the twins to the operating room, the two Silva nurses become anxious again.
"This is probably our biggest operation yet," explains Darcey. "I am a bit nervous. All these thoughts go through my head. What if I don't like the result of the operation?
Darcey continues, "And I hate to even think so, but what if one of us doesn't wake up from the anesthetic?"
But despite her legitimate concerns, Darcey exclusively told E! News that her transformation with Stacey side by side felt like a great spiritual journey. "Every step of the way, we knew we had each other as sisters and twins," revealed Darcey. "Turkey was a place for us to become stronger, not just as individuals, but also as twins. We bonded like no other. God brought us to Turkey. That is how it should be."
So when Darcey goes to surgery and says to the doctor, "Get ready for the new you, the new Darcey," what will her big reveal be like?
Check out the full clip above and tune in to the season finale to find out.
The season two finale of Darcey & Stacey will air on Monday, September 27th at 8pm. on DC.
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