Darianka Sanchez Issues an Apology on Instagram: "I Know I've Made Mistakes in the Past"

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Darianka Sanchez seemed to be joining the Hype House earlier this month.
Shortly after the allegations of hacking and bullying, including claims that she had bullied Kenzie Ziegler, she surfaced and the Hype House made a statement that Sanchez would in fact not be joining the house.
On Sunday, Darianka apologized on Instagram and apparently responded to some of the allegations.
Darianka Sanchez has been pretty calm since allegations of hacking and bullying surfaced last week, but now she's responding. The TikTok star went to Instagram on Sunday evening to apologize for her previous actions.
Earlier this month, Darianka seemed to be announced as the newest member of the Hype House. However, this all changed when some information about her past came out, including claims that she might have bullied Kenzie Ziegler when she was younger.
Shortly afterwards, the hype house announced that she would not move into the house. Now Darianka explains on Instagram and apologizes for some of her previous actions.
Darianka started her Instagram story by taking a while to comment because she privately apologized to the people she had hurt. "I'm not the same person as four, five, six years ago and I know I've made mistakes in the past, but I've grown and matured since then," she said.
She went on to say that she was accused of "some pretty serious and illegal things" that she apparently refused. "I just want to say that you shouldn't believe everything you see on the Internet. I was never arrested and I have no criminal background."
The 17-year-old then addressed DMs and texts that ran around, where she allegedly described, among other things, Chase Hudson as strange. "There were DMs and text messages that just aren't real, and it's very easy to fake and manipulate these things," she said.
She also addressed an old picture of her wearing a mud face mask. Many people have accused her of doing Blackface, but she insisted that it wasn't her intention. However, she apologized "if it offended someone".
Darianka ended her testimony with a lecture on cyberbullying. "Words hurt and it's never okay to make someone DM and tell him to kill himself," she said. "It's never okay to give out someone's phone number and home address. These things are considered cyberbullying, and I want to use my platform to fight cyberbullying."
In the end, she repeated that she is no longer the same person as before. "I continue to grow as a person," she said.

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