'Dark' fan theory about classic Disney movie goes viral on TikTok: 'My whole childhood is ruined'

The Lion King Theory Tiktok
A fan theory about a pivotal scene in the 1994 Disney film The Lion King ruins childhood on TikTok.
The dark theory has that Scar, the villain's villain, eats his brother Mufasa after killing him. This scene begins with Scar stabbing Mufasa to his death and ends with Simba cuddling up to his father's corpse. After Simba runs away, it is never explained what happened to Mufasa's carcass.
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This is where TikTok user Christian Jones comes in. As he watched the film again, he wondered what had happened to Mufasa's body. During his research, he found that lions do not usually have natural predators, but do sometimes eat each other.
Jones supports his theory by showing another scene in The Lion King in which Scar plays with a skull that could well be Mufasas. Jones even Googles images of lion skulls that seem oddly similar to the one in the cartoon.
"My whole childhood has been ruined," commented one person. "I could actually cry."
"It was getting a lot darker now," added another.
"What's in the cycle of life," said someone else.
Others were quick to point out that the skulls didn't match enough to be convincing (apparently there is some sort of TikTok community for collecting skulls), but users were mostly shocked that they never thought about the aftermath of Mufasa's death.
In reality, hyenas can sometimes eat lions, especially when they're dead - because it's obviously free food. Since the Lion King was based on Hamlet, there had to be images of a skull somewhere in the movie.
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