Darrell Bevell explains why Brayden Coombs was fired

The move to terminate specialty teams coordinator Brayden Coombs met with heated controversy among interim coach Darrell Bevell and the Detroit Lions. Coombs was a popular young coach who was seen as a rising star.
Bevell's press conference on Monday afternoon was shaped by the move and the advantages and disadvantages of why it was done.
Describing the fake boat that Coombs described as "the wrong decision" despite Bevell's desire to hit the ball away, he reflected on how he disregarded the undermining of his authority as head coach.
Bevell noted, "There are clear lines of communication, there are basic protocols that we use for every game. When we go into a game, we have meetings to set the parameters for what we want to do in a game."
Bevell stated that Matthew Stafford, who was hit hard in consecutive games, made him "turn the field around" and work on defense and the three time outs left to try to win the game.
When Bevell was asked directly whether he had ordered Coombs to go with the boat, and Coombs then went with the fake himself, he confirmed this with a simple, stern "Yes".
He later got to the point
"I think it's important that I have a philosophy and believe in things that I want to convey to the team, the coaching staff and the program." When things happen outside of outside, something has to happen. If something doesn't happen, you really lose credibility. "
Bevell continued:
"I tell our coaches all the time, 'We have to do what we say we will,' and that wasn't what he felt happened to Coombs.
Bevell admitted he made the decision and it was approved by team president Rod Wood. When asked if the new Special Adviser Chris Spielman contributed, he delayed answering the question.
Lions Special Team Coordinator, Brayden Coombs

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