Dave Chappelle Talks About Elon Musk SNL Appearance, Tells Joe Rogan He “Used To Buy Weed” From Idris Elba

Dave Chappelle opened up to podcaster Joe Rogan on Friday and spoke freely for three hours about his career and the state of the world.
The podcast covered Elon Musk on SNL, the lifting of culture, the global pandemic, gay rights, post-Trump America and, in a special revelation, buying weed from Idris Elba. The full interview can be heard on Spotify.
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Chappelle approached Elba when he was talking about treating service people with kindness because you never know what the future holds for them. He then used Idris Elba as an example.
"Idris Elba, the famous actor, used to be a security officer at [Comedy Club] Caroline ..." said Chappelle. "I used to buy weeds from him."
Further highlights:
On Elon Musk's Guest Hosting Saturday Night Live:
Chappelle admitted that he was confused by all the excitement.
"Nobody woke up enough," said Rogan. "You cannot appreciate the fact that you are dealing with one of the most brilliant men who have ever lived."
Chappelle recalled his interactions with the Tesla CEO and described him as "incredibly nice".
"I teased him about being the richest man in the world and he took it in a good mood," said Chappelle. "What's funny, I hung out with him years ago after leaving Chappelle's show. ... We were hanging out on a tour bus and he said to me that night ..." I've met you before. "Me think, "Well, I have no memory." He looked kind of hurt. "
Chappelle suggested he understand why some people were put off by Musk's behavior.
"As you said, nobody can be woken up enough," said the comedian. "I'm torn because I like a warrior for a good cause, but I really like tactics. You're not going to get people to behave ... if you keep going with that tone, even if you're right , you will be very difficult to hear. "
Why he walked away from $ 50 million at the height of Chappelle's show:
"What was so remarkable about walking off the show was that it was against incentives so people couldn't understand it at the time," he told Rogan. It was so much money. How can you do that "Blah, blah, blah. But you know, if I had taken that money and finished the show I would have gotten the money, but maybe never would have been the same.
“I've never seen these things before. I haven't seen anyone do that and get up again ... it was a wild experience, ”he continued. “The way people around you react to it like I've… failed or ruined my life. And when you're cold, the phone doesn't ring that often, and I've had over a decade to sit in that election, but I haven't suffered from the experience. I started stand-up for much better reasons than I did. "
On gay rights and the fight for equality:
"It's not that these things (violence and injustices) are less common because - people had to do things to make these things happen [change] less often," Chappelle said. "It didn't happen organically, just like," OK, man, that's enough murder for us. "People had to do some shit. Gay marriage - people needed to be made aware of how people were fighting. One of the great things about this movement is when everyone came out of the closet and everyone realized," Oh, five of my best friends are gay "... and you realize that you like this person more than prejudices that carry you around."
About Kevin Hart:
"First of all, who the hell works harder than this guy?" Said Rogan.
"Nobody. Not me. Fuck it ..." Chappelle said before Rogan highlighted Hart's ever-growing list of projects. “And he's relentlessly nice and everyone who works with him looks excited and happy. He's not a bully. He likes hanging out with a self-help book or some shit. He just makes you feel good ... It's impossible not to like him. In my opinion, he's a great scenario where a good person can do well in life because there are some cynics who think they can't. "
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