Dave Franco Debuts Thriller Starring Wife Alison Brie at Drive-In Premiere — Watch the Trailer

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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Dave Franco and Alison Brie attended The Rental's auto premiere, which marks Franco's directorial debut, at the Vineland Theater outside of Los Angeles on Thursday.
The thriller plays his wife Brie, Sheila Vand, Dan Stevens and Jeremy Allen White as a couple, whose weekend retreat in a beautiful rental home on the Oregon coast takes a sinister turn when they find that their host may have been spying on them Trailer above.
For each variety, 650 cars (with an estimated 1,300 customers) attended the event and paid $ 55 per car.
After the premiere, a live Q&A was projected onto the screen, with Franco and Brie zooming in from their car. Vand also zoomed in from their own vehicle nearby, while Stevens and White took part from a distance.
Amy Sussman / Getty Images
Franco, director and co-author of the film with Joe Swanberg, told Variety that the parking premiere was "definitely surreal".
"But in the end it felt really unique and special," he said. "Where standard premieres are a bit more formal and everyone is dressed in suits and costumes, I just don't think this would have been the right mood for this film."
"I love how relaxed the night was and it didn't feel like I or the cast were in the spotlight," he added. "It felt more like a community experience where everyone was just excited to get out of their homes and meet with a group of movie lovers. It was perfect."
Amy Sussman / Getty Images
Franco (35) and Brie (37) last worked together in 2017 in The Disaster Artist. It was also the first time that Franco worked with brother James Franco (42).
The rental will be published on July 24th in drive-in theaters and in selected indoor theaters.

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