David Dobrik says he's stuck in Slovakia because green card issues are preventing him from entering the US, where he grew up under DACA immigration policy

David Dobrik says he and his assistant Taylor Hudson are stuck in Slovakia. Instagram / @ daviddobrik
David Dobrik says he's stuck in Slovakia because of problems with his green card.
The YouTuber was born in Slovakia, but has lived in the USA since he was 6 years old.
He is filming a Discovery + series abroad, the focus of which is that he is leaving the United States for the first time.
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YouTuber David Dobrik has spent the past two weeks documenting his trips abroad to millions of followers. But now he says he is stuck in Slovakia and cannot return to the US.
Dobrik, who has more than 18 million YouTube subscribers, said in his Instagram story on Tuesday that he had identification problems that would allow him to re-enter the US with friends after his trip to Europe.
"Hi guys, I'm sorry I wasn't too active on social media," Dobrik said on September 22 in his Instagram story Visa and Green Card. "
Dobrik, 25, was born in Slovakia but moved to the United States at the age of 6 and didn't leave the country until this summer. He is a recipient of the DACA, or Immigration Policy, for the Deferred Childhood Arrival Action that enables undocumented immigrants children to live in the United States and avoid deportation.
DACA recipients can seek US government approval to leave the country for reasons such as work, education, and family emergencies. Still, according to the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, a non-governmental organization that trains lawyers in immigration law, this is considered a risky practice as it does not guarantee a return trip to the United States.
In a vlog published two weeks ago, Dobrik announced that he had secured a green card, or permanent residency card, that would allow him to freely leave and re-enter the country without the U.S. government approval required for DACA recipients . It can take weeks or months for physical green cards to arrive in the mail. While a visa is a temporary passport that allows you to enter the United States, a green card allows you to travel and reside in the country longer (most green cards are valid for 10 years).
Dobrik announced in early September that he was taking his YouTube friend group Vlog Squad on a trip to Europe for a 10-part Discovery Plus series called "Discovering David Dobrik".
The group has posted on social media about their adventures abroad for the past few weeks.
In Tuesday's Instagram video, Dobrik and his assistant Taylor Hudson showed themselves in a remote grassy landscape in Slovakia.
"This is like a bloody scavenger hunt, so I apologize for not being able to access vlogs or anything," the YouTuber continued. "I hope to return to the States soon, it's like I'm lost, I'm literally stranded. Wish me luck."
Dobrik added that he and his podcast co-host Jason Nash filmed an episode of their show "Views" before Nash returned to the US, so it will be released on the podcast's usual schedule.
It's been three months since Dobrik returned to YouTube after Insider reported rape allegations against one of his former vlog squad members. Insider reported in March 2021 that a woman who appeared as an extra in one of Dobrik's November 2018 vlogs accused “Durte Dom” Zeglaitis of raping her while filming.
Initially, Dobrik was temporarily demonized on YouTube, which meant he couldn't make any money from ads on his videos. He also lost a number of sponsors and resigned as head of Dispo, a camera app. But since June Dobrik has been posting on YouTube again, and he appeared in a Discovery + special episode "Shark Week".
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