Days of Our Lives' Melissa Reeves Under Fire for Anti-Black Lives Matter Stance

Days of Our Lives actress Melissa Reeves gets hot from her co-stars and long-time soap fans for speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement.
Earlier this week it became known that Reeves, who has played Jennifer Horton on the NBC-Sudser for the past three decades, "liked" several anti-BLM posts by right-wing activist Candace Owens on Instagram.
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@ mgmendacious
June 23, 2020
I am absolutely disgusted and sick at the moment and no longer deny what @ missyreeves4 feels like. Check out a few disgusting and racist Instagram posts she liked. @carlivatiron @greg_meng @billymflynn @linseygodfrey @PaulTelfer #Days
Donna Wyche Abshure
@ DonnaKayAbshure
We all have our own opinions and views! That makes the USA the land of the free and the home of the brave!
8:13 p.m. - June 23, 2020
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Reeves 'Days' cousin, Linsey Godfrey, wasted little time answering. After a Twitter user defended Reeves' right to express her opinion, Godfrey countered: "No, there is no difference of opinion on racism, homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia."
When another fan found that she found Reeves to be "totally lovable and non-judgmental" after meeting her at several Days Fan events, Godfrey replied, "Yes, but even the nicest people can have terrible views. A lot of nice people have terrible moral compasses. I cannot associate it because it makes me a hypocrite. I condemn all of these hateful and harmful beliefs. "
Linsey Godfrey

No, there is no difference of opinion on racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia
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Donna Wyche Abshure
@ DonnaKayAbshure
Replying to @mgmendacious and 6 others
We all have our own opinions and views! That makes the USA the land of the free and the home of the brave!
8:23 PM - June 23, 2020
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The day actor Lamon Archey, who is black, liked Godfrey's contribution that challenged Reeves. He then shared the following fairly pointed GIF.
Lamon Archey

Who else?
9.45pm - June 23, 2020
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This is not the first time that Reeves has come under fire because of its controversial views. A few years ago, she experienced the anger of the LGBTQ community when she expressed her support for the Antigay fast food chain Chick-fil-A and tweeted: “Land of the free and home of the brave. I love that we all value freedom of speech, right? "
The owner of the popular Instagram fan account "Days of Our Lives Classics" condemned Reeves' stance in a post early Wednesday. "Being a racist / fanatic is not something we should tolerate / ignore / accept," the headline says. "I know Missy is a veterinarian and many of us have loved her since arriving in Salem in 1985. But I just can't support that kind of behavior. It's not acceptable."
Although Days has had a production break due to the COVID-19 pandemic since mid-March, Days has enough original episodes that will last into the fall.
Reps for Days, NBC and Sony Pictures Television declined to comment on the story.
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