DC's Stargirl Recap: How Did the New JSA's First Group Fight Go?

This week, Courtney teamed up with all of her recruits on DC's star girl to find out what the Injustice Society is doing in Blue Valley. How did this first mission go? And what did the disapproving Pat say?
After taking a look at how gymnastics rat Lawrence "Crusher" Crock and Blue Valley High Physed teacher Paula Brooks take care of their extremely competitive daughter Artemis - by killing any soccer coach who dares to put them on the bench ! - We found Pat waiting for Courtney to come home and confront her with handing out JSA costumes and tools to her friends. (The green lantern can kill you, he warns, although it is currently powerless without a ring.) Court admits that Beth and Yolanda, along with Rick aka Rex Tyler's secret son, the JSA's new Hourman, each took over Dr. Mid-Nite and Wildcat Personae. An angry Pat asks Courtney to drum up all of the costumes and equipment to keep her friends from ending up like Joey Zarick, and then stows away any unused items (except for Thunderbolt, who is still sitting in Court's pen holder).
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Jordan Mahkent finds and confronts Crusher and Paula at the grave they have just dug for the latest trainer killed when he (from "Amaya Brown" (sp?)) Has received a text message that "the gymnastics rats are back". When Paula complains that they are fed up with "selling the Rotary Club and baking sales," Jordan invites them to adjust. "You're back in action tonight."
The next day, Pat finds Rick and tells him he knows his real father. Pat shows him the truck he found with his true thumbprint. "My uncle is an idiot," explains Rick. One part claims that Rex Tyler never used his powers like this, whereupon Rick counters: "Well, he's dead." Rick then mocks Pat by asking why he hasn't stopped the people who killed Hourman. Pat shows Rick his father's diary, but none of them can understand a possible code. Rick insists on keeping both the diary and the hourglass, and dismissing Pat's warnings about how tempting it can be to abuse powers. "What did Starman use you for?" Rick mocks. "As far as I can tell, you're not doing anything!"
At school, Courtney, Beth, and Yolanda try to ask about their JSA stuff, but are reluctant to express their joy / changed life with a purpose (or a new BFF in protective glasses). After school, Courtney catches up with the girls and Rick to rethink the subject that Rick contradicts: when Pat asks about your coworkers, do you give up? The debate is interrupted by an "alarm" from "Chuck" warning Beth that someone from ISA (The Gambler) is hacking into the Empire Enterprises system. Courtney is afraid of the others trying to catch and interrogate the hacker, but when "Chuck" reports that The Gambler has no powers per se / is a "simple" goal, she agrees to participate - provided they protect her identity all suits.
Stargirl Sportsmaster tigress
When Beth / "Chuck" arrives in costume outside of Empire Enterprises (do I have to put "his" name in quotes over and over?), She cracks the keyboard code, and the teenagers are rightly shaken to find a dead security guard inside. When Crusher and Paula emerge as sports champions and tigers, also known as "icicle attack dogs", Hourman and Stargirl chase and compete against the former, while Wildcat goes head to toe with the latter. Unfortunately, Rick has far from mastered his power, let alone his fighting skills, so Sportsmaster and his various baseballs and pucks can fend off the kid fairly easily. And eventually Hourman gets knocked down by a thrown car, but Stargirl and her staff come in to save his bacon. Wildcat, meanwhile, is experiencing similar setbacks, has some nifty skills, but is completely untrained on how to use it - especially when Tigress breaks a crossbow. Fortunately, "Chuck" asks Beth to get a nearby fire extinguisher and to distract Tiger with his spray.
Back outside, Sportsmaster hits a puck that sticks to Stargirl's wand. The wand senses that it is a bomb, sails to the sky before the detonation - and then flaps to the ground, well charred (to finally "heal"). Just like all four children plus an unexpected S.T.R.I.P.E. Against the two bad guys, Sportsmaster and Tigress learn that The Gambler has stolen the codes so that they slip off after using a smoke bomb.
Back in the body shop, Rick admits that Pat has more to offer than they thought, as the recruits took the S.T.R.I.P.E. Robot. Courtney privately thanks Pat for showing up and explains that 1) the team didn't listen to them, 2) she just tried to help them, and 3) their actions were "a little frustrating and very annoying. ”Amused by the irony of her observations, Pat simply nods:“ My feeling exactly ”before saying that she and her friends need training, that luck only gets them so far. That means, yes, this "new JSA" does not have to be dissolved.
The Injustice Society is now finding that they now have the equipment and codes they need. Brainwave is now the only missing part and Virtuoso's violin playing couldn't wake him up. As for the JSA team that is now getting in the way and who these newcomers are, Icicle explains: "Let's find out ..."
Elsewhere this week, and I'm admittedly a little curious to see where it goes: Mike struck a candy volcano for the middle school science fair. And although he told both his father and Barbara that their presence was not necessary, the truth is that the boy was grumpy, being the only student without fond parents. As such, he was delighted when Barbara rushed to his volcano demo after working on American Dream.
Jordan and his son Cameron also slipped out to dinner to remember the late wife / mother Christine's birthday - a scene that mainly served to annoy Cameron that he was cold breath when he lit the candle on a free dessert blow out.
What do you think about the episode "Justice Society of America"?
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