De Blasio Tells Covid Contract Tracers Not to Ask Positive Cases If They’ve Attended BLM Protests

The Coronavirus contact tracking team in New York City does not ask those who tested positive for COVID-19 whether they recently participated in a demonstration on Black Lives Matter, a city spokesman confirmed.
"Nobody is proactively asked if he participated in a protest," Avery Cohen, a spokesman for de Blasio, told THE CITY about the policy. "If a person wants to proactively offer this information, they can do it."
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De Blasio, who announced its program to hire 1,000 "contact tracers" last month, promised to announce on Monday how many city dwellers have been surveyed so far.
Tracers are designed to encourage those who test positive for Covid-19 to remember “contacts” and people who may have exposed them, ”said Cohen. Tracers also look for “close contact” with the patient - people who have been within six feet of the infected person for at least 10 minutes.
New York officials have taken a gentle stance on fears that mass protests could lead to an increase in coronavirus cases. "Let us make one thing clear: if there is an increase in coronavirus cases in the next two weeks, do not blame the demonstrators. Guilty of racism," said Mark Levine, chairman of the City Council's Health Committee earlier this month.
The mayor, whose daughter was arrested during a protest in Manhattan against George Floyd's death, is accused by Catholics and Jews of violating the constitutional rights of religious New Yorkers by restricting worship. But De Blasio has suppressed claims that he hypocritically allowed protests while services were closed.
"If you see ... I am sorry that this is not the same question as the understandably damaged shopkeeper or the pious religious person who wants to return to the service again." Has struggled crisis that is in 400 years of American racism Blasio said in a press conference earlier this month.
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