‘Dead to Me’ Stars Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini on Building Their Season 2 Bond

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In one of the first scenes Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini ever shared in Netflix's "Dead to Me," they smoked marijuana on the beach. Applegate says they haven't returned to their individual trailers between lighting configurations to decompress them. Rather, they "just sat under the covers and talked." This allowed them to get to know each other better, but it was also a precedent for the type of supportive employment relationship they would have.
"From the beginning it was as if we had always known each other," says Applegate. “We weren't two actresses who worked together. We were two women who understood each other. There was nothing to come to a performance; We lived these moments together. "
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In the second season of the dark comedy, these moments were mostly extremely emotional. The season begins with Applegates Jen Cardellini asking Judy to help her literally bury a body - and that of Judy's ex-boyfriend to boot! Over time, attempts to cover up the crime become more complicated. Jen confesses to Judy that she killed him out of anger, not self-defense. and Jen's children stay in Judy's care even if Jen thinks she's going to jail.
Both Applegate and Cardellini point to the scene where Jen reveals that Judy kept the truth about the murder as one of the most difficult to film.
"When I said the words to her, I started to shake so physically. I remember when I turned it, I looked down at my hands and they just trembled, ”recalls Applegate.
But what brought her through the breakdown was leaning on each other.
"In this scene, she runs out hysterically and I'm hysterical, and she and I ran around the corner on the set and literally just fell on the floor and held each other tightly," continues Applegate.
Cardellini adds, "It is a great relief to have someone with whom you can share things as if we were in therapy. The friendship we have made actually helps us do our job better."
According to Cardellini, this is especially true when you know each other's rhythms and how to riff together, which women do a lot for the easier, more jocular moments.
"These are my favorite scenes, especially when we play something together and someone else doesn't know it, because Christina and I are just good at leaning on each other, grabbing each other and nudging each other and making faces on each other," says Cardellini. “Many of our improvisations only come together from our level of comfort. We often go back and forth for a good five minutes at the end of a shot. "
Some of her remarkable second season adlibs came in the scene trying to figure out what to say to the cop who dragged her over in the middle of the night after burying the body.
"You and I don't talk about the scene, we literally make it easy. It has to be that way, because now these two people live on the edge," says Applegate. "So it's this trust, not just professionally, but also personally. Me she always had back when she had a day and she had my back when I had a day and that permeated those characters. "
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