DeMarcus Lawrence reiterates his stance that it’s not about Jerry Jones

Richard Sherman called Jerry Jones. Gregg Popovich has too.
Cowboy's defensive duel, Gerald McCoy, who signed with the team this off-season, was the first player on the squad to question his owner's silence in the 29 days since George Floyd's murder began to bring about real social change.
DeMarcus Lawrence, however, respectfully disagrees. It's not about Jones, Lawrence claims.
The cowboys' defensive end made his stance clear at the weekend, and after Stephen A. Smith expressed his disappointment with Lawrence in ESPN's First Take on Tuesday morning, Lawrence doubled. . . and then tripled.
First, Lawrence replied with a long letter on social media.
"My point was that even though he's a person with influence and power, we have to stop relying on others to talk about change and actually have to be part of the change," Lawrence wrote in part. “This is especially true for our black communities. I understand that some people feel sorry to hear from him and that is their choice. My choice is to be part of the change. "
The Cowboys designed Lawrence in the second round in 2014 and signed a five-year contract worth $ 105 million a year ago.
Lawrence repeated his point of view in an interview with Calvin Watkins from the Dallas Morning News on Tuesday afternoon.
"I'm not going to sit here and take my time and basically shed light on Jerry Jones. It's not my position," said Lawrence. "My position is to educate the youth and give them more opportunities to find out what they want to. As soon as you start asking me about a Black Lives Matter movement and about Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, it's none of my business right now.
"When Jerry Jones comes out and says," I'm racist. "What then? What's the next step in Black Lives Matter? That doesn't change anything. If it comes out, it's with us, it still doesn't matter. It won't change the results, so I'll use my platform to do that Raising youth instead of talking about Jerry Jones. "
The cowboys have never had a player protest during the national anthem. Jones has made it clear in the past that he expects his players to have their toes on the line. Last season, Dallas acted separately for Robert Quinn and Michael Bennett, both of whom had previously protested social injustice during the anthem and did not protest with the Cowboys during their anthem in their season.
Lawrence said he would support any of his teammates who raise a fist or take a knee during the national anthem this season, but he also wants to understand that there is more to be done.
"If you choose to take a knee, I am 100 percent with you, but if you choose not to take a knee, I will still be with you," Lawrence told Watkins. "I don't think this is a soccer problem at all. It's bigger than soccer and our soccer platform has to take us to another level to achieve what we want to do. I'm just trying to listen to everyone and hear what they are have to say.
"Everyone wants to know my stance on protests or my stance on Jerry Jones. I think it's really unfair. I am out here and work. I see people behind Instagram and Twitter just talking. Instead of getting out of here and trying to make that change. "
Lawrence and McCoy attended Opal Lee's Fort Worth walk on Saturday to make Juneteenth a national holiday. It is one of several philanthropic campaigns related to COVID-19 and social injustice that he has supported financially and / or with his presence this off-season.
DeMarcus Lawrence confirms his stance that it is not about Jerry Jones, who originally appeared in Pro Football Talk

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