Democratic lawmaker says Trump campaign shell company was a campaign committee, likely broke law by not reporting or filing with the FEC

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Democratic MP Mark Pocan asks the Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission to investigate the Trump campaign shell company.
"If Mr. Kushner's American Made Media Consultants were to actually spend $ 617 million, he and his employees - which include other members of the Trump family and the Vice President's nephew - could face fines in excess of US $ 1 billion -Dollars count. " The Wisconsin Congressman wrote in a letter Insider first received.
Pocan joins two other members of the Democratic House in asking for an investigation into the Shell company, citing Insiders' reporting.
The Trump campaign has said no laws have been broken using the Shell company.
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Trump campaign shell firm American Made Media Consultants has likely broken the law by never reporting to the Federal Election Commission how it handled $ 617 million, a Democratic congressman wrote Wednesday after one Investigation from insiders.
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AMMC acted as the campaign committee and may have violated civil law, which incurs penalties of up to 200 times for any donation or spending that violates the law, outgoing Attorney General Bill Barr and FEC Chairman Trey Trainor.
"If Mr. Kushner's American Made Media Consultants were to actually spend $ 617 million, he and his employees - which include other members of the Trump family and the Vice President's nephew - could face fines in excess of US $ 1 billion -Dollars, "Pocan wrote in the letter that Insider received on Wednesday.
Pocan's complaint is the second in five days filed by members of Congress. Trump's campaign has regularly said that the campaign did not break any laws against AMMC.
Citing insider coverage, two California Democrats Ted Lieu and New York City Kathleen Rice called on the FBI and FEC to investigate Trump's campaign for what they believed could "violate several laws," including a federal ban for the use of campaigns cash for personal use.
Complaints against Trump Campaign Shell Company are mounting
As a law enforcement agency, the FEC can punish political committees and actors for violating campaign money. But even in the best of circumstances, it could take the FEC months or even years to investigate and resolve complex complaints like Pocan's.
And the FEC has been effectively crippled lately, only being relegated to enforcing and regulating federal campaign funding laws just last week after the lack of commissioners for 14 of the last 15 months.
After the six-member non-partisan commission fell below a quorum of four commissioners in September 2019, it took Trump more than a year to appoint three new commissioners.
The Senate upheld them - Republicans Allen Dickerson and Sean Cooksey, and Democrat Shana Broussard - earlier this month and they took their oath of office last week.
An enforcement case backlog of around 400 cases awaits them.
These cases include one filed in July by the impartial Campaign Legal Center that accused the Trump campaign of using AMMC to illegally disguise campaign spending.
According to Insider reporting on Friday, Brendan Fischer of the Campaign Legal Center said it "provides additional evidence that AMMC acted as a campaign-driven passageway to obscure more than half of the Trump campaign spending."
He added that "The deep involvement of Kushner and other senior officials from the Trump campaign in AMMC is important as it further shows that the Trump campaign did not have an independent relationship with AMMC - instead, AMMC was just an extension of the campaign. "
The Department of Justice, of which the FBI is a member, has the authority to investigate "knowing and willful" criminal violations of campaign funding laws.
"In accordance with DOJ standard practice, the FBI neither confirms nor denies the existence of an investigation," said FBI spokesman Raymond Niemiec.
Through a spokeswoman, the FEC declined to comment.
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