Democratic Senator Calls Barrett Confirmation Hearing an ‘Irresponsible Botch’ After COVID-Positive GOP Colleague Appears in Person

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse blew up Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett's confirmatory hearing on Monday, calling the event an "irresponsible botch" for admitting a Senator recently infected with COVID-19.
Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island, spoke immediately after Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah, spoke in person to the Senate Judiciary Committee without a mask. Lee tested positive for COVID-19 ten days ago after attending the White House Rose Garden event that announced Barrett's nomination.
"America is worried about one thing above all else right now, and it is our health. This hearing itself is a microcosm of Trump's dangerous inability to deal with the COVID pandemic," said Whitehouse. "Trump cannot even protect the White House. Here it is the job of the chairman to keep the committee safe and while his words were reassuring, I don't know who was tested, who should be tested, who poses a threat and what contact tracing has been carried out on infected and exposed senators and staff. Nothing. Like Trump, the whole thing is an irresponsible botch. "
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Whitehouse called the hearing "Slapdash".
In a statement released Monday by the Senator's office, Lee's doctor wrote, “Based on current CDC guidelines, you have met criteria to end COVID-19 isolation for those with mild to moderate illness. Specifically, it has been more than 10 days since symptoms began, you have not had a fever for at least 24 hours without any antipyretic medication, and your other symptoms have improved. The CDC recommends not repeating the SARS-CoV-2 PCR tests if these criteria are met. "
Senator Tom Tillis, who also tested positive for COVID, appeared on a conference call. Senator Ted Cruz, who did not test positive for COVID-19 but was quarantined after contact with Lee, also dialed in remotely.
Barrett was nominated by Trump last month after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg from the Supreme Court, whose general desire was reported that the nomination to fill her seat in court would take place after the upcoming election.
Note the following statement from Whitehouse.
Sheldon Whitehouse, immediately following Mike Lee's testimony: "This hearing itself is a microcosm of Trump's dangerous inability to deal with the covid pandemic. Trump cannot even protect the White House ... the whole thing, like Trump, is irresponsible botch."
- Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) October 12, 2020
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