Democrats' criticisms of Biden are actually a reminder of why the GOP is such a danger to our democracy

President Joe Biden. Drew Angerer / Getty Images
The Democrats have held Joe Biden accountable for his handling of COVID and the withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Republicans, on the other hand, refuse to challenge Donald Trump's lies and mistakes.
The difference underscores how much the GOP poses a threat to America's democracy.
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The past two months have changed Biden's presidency dramatically.
The COVID-19 numbers have skyrocketed. The Afghanistan withdrawal was weighed down by the deaths of US soldiers and the chaos at Kabul airport. The recent revelation that 10 civilians were killed in a US drone attack in the country only added to the aftermath.
For a president who came into office with decades of experience at the highest levels of government, August and September have shown that experience cannot always prepare for the most difficult moments.
Biden's critics, both Republicans and Democrats, have noticed. But only one team has shown integrity by holding the president's feet in the fire.
Criticism of your own
The right-wing criticism of Biden was as predictable as it was ridiculous, as was the proposal to resign Biden over Afghanistan.
But his own party's criticism was more substantial. Democratic senators from all wings of the party criticized the government's handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.
As recently as this week, many Democrats protested the Biden government's handling of Haitian migrants on the southern border. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer "urges President Biden and Minister Mayorkas to stop these expulsions immediately," while MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez described the situation as "a blemish for our country."
As surprising as it may sound, this review is a good thing. Healthy democracy is based on politicians and experts willing to criticize the leaders of their own party if they make a mistake. It also suggests the alternative: flattering a dear leader without looking critically or backing down on his decisions.
This is how Republicans live. This is how democracies die.
Fear of yourself
The need for serious intra-party criticism to promote healthy democracy is why it is so worrying that Republicans are unwilling to criticize their leaders, or more precisely, their leader. Even months after his impeachment, Donald Trump and the political movement he represented are beyond reproach from the Republicans.
Those who speak up, like Rep. Liz Cheney, will be ousted from the leadership, while others like Rep. Anthony Gonzalez will be forced into early retirement.
Republican cable experts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity of Fox News are the main drivers. Not only do they spread dangerous misinformation every day, they keep silent when it comes to mistakes and missteps by Trump and other Republicans.
It was revealed this week that Trump's attorney Mike Pence had given a six-point plan to steal the 2020 elections. If Biden were to propose such an undemocratic idea today, Democrats in the media and the Capitol would be calling for his impeachment. But Republicans refuse to hold account, even if that means telling a lie.
Over the past year, the GOP has shown that it does not care about maintaining our democratic system of government. You care about power. Integrity and doing the right thing are meaningless unless it helps them anchor their minority rule over the United States.
It helps when Fox News and other right-wing media outlets are completely in their pockets rather than traditional media outlets largely trying to keep the country's leadership in check, regardless of who's in charge.
This is just the latest example of how the GOP can politicize better than the Democrats in our democratic system - and the latest example of how the GOP's ability to exploit that system will be exactly what is destroying it.
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