Democrats may drop $15 minimum wage from coronavirus relief because 2 senators oppose it

Despite the promise made by Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) to vote for his party's coronavirus relief law, his and Senator Kyrsten Sinemas (D-Ariz.) Opposition to the $ 15 increase in the minimum wage could do that Still lower package.
The progressives' long struggle for a minimum wage of $ 15 finally found its vehicle in the COVID-19 aid package, which is currently being examined in the Senate. Currently, the bill will raise the minimum wage from $ 7.25 to $ 9.50 once passed, and keep growing annually until it hits $ 15 in 2025. However, some would prefer the cap to stay at $ 11 an hour, and Sinema believes that shouldn't be in the bill at all and leave the party in a dead end that they want to solve with the help of the Senate MP, Politico reports.
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The parliamentarian advises the senators on the body's rules and procedures, especially when it comes to a reconciliation law with which the Democrats enforce their auxiliary law without the support of the GOP. Republicans and Democrats plan to meet with the MP on Wednesday to argue against or for the wage increase, Politico reports. The GOP says the increase will hurt small businesses hit by the pandemic, while Manchin has argued that "throwing $ 15 in rural areas will make it very difficult in rural America," despite years of the wage increase does not take full effect.
At the impasse, the Democrats are considering cranking the increase to just $ 11 or $ 12 an hour, Rep. John Yarmouth (D-Ky.) Told Politico. Nevertheless, the progressives are under the direction of the chairman of the Senate budget committee, Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Fest. Sanders told reporters on Monday, "I think we're going to pass [the law] the way it is."
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