Dermatologist debunks misunderstandings around TikTok's DIY lip plumper: 'Don't do it girl, it's not worth it'

The newest lip balm to grace TikTok is to apply cinnamon oil directly to your lips.
Lip plumping has been a beauty trend for years, arguably thanks to Kylie Jenner's 2015 lip injections. Not everyone is ready or able to afford to go to the doctor for injections, and there has been one in the past Range of DIY hacks on the internet - from using wasabi to sucking on a shot glass.
Now, cinnamon oil seems to be the new step for beauty lovers.
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Cinnamon can be found in some popular lip-boosting shine products, but TikToker apply the oil directly to their lips instead of looking for new makeup.
Beauty guru Brittany Miller was one of the many TikTokers who tried the hack. In her clip, she diluted the cinnamon oil before applying it to her lips with some lip gloss.
Commentators seemed split over whether it was worth the risk.
"I'll be ordering this in a moment," wrote one user, tagging a friend.
"Don't do it girl, it's not worth it," countered another. "It will dry out your lips and irritate your skin."
In The Know, he spoke to Edyta Jarosz, the esthetician at Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue, to see if the trend was actually okay to try.
“Cinnamon oil has a plump effect on the lips and can make them more juicy. It will of course increase your lip size, but not permanently, ”said Jarosz. "As long as you are not allergic to cinnamon oil, this should be safe and a slight tingling sensation is normal."
Jarosz adds that people with sensitive skin or potential allergies should always do a small patch test before actually using it. Overall, however, cinnamon oil is a natural way to temporarily fill your lips.
According to this TikTok viral dermatologist, these are the only 4 products you will need for your skin care routine:
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